SuperViz Version 5 is out!

This week, we rolled out our most significant release to date. As a startup, we’re deeply committed to learning from feedback and refining our product through multiple iterations. This iterative approach has culminated in our latest release. SuperViz’s mission is

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Free Streamlined Collaboration inside Matterport tours We are pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that leverages the capabilities of the SuperViz SDK to offer immersive virtual meetings within Matterport tours, free of charge. represents a significant

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SuperViz 4.8.0

SuperViz SDK v4.8.0 Released

SuperViz is pleased to announce the release of SDK 4.8.0, another milestone in our continual endeavor to offer innovative and practical solutions for immersive meetings. This latest version of our SDK has been updated with new features and improvements designed

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SuperViz SDK v4.6.4 and Autodesk Plugin Released

SuperViz is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and workflow of our customers by continuously improving our platform. In this spirit, we are excited to announce two significant updates: the release of SDK v4.6.4, featuring an improved Realtime Data Engine,

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SuperViz SDK discussion of real-time synchronization

Real-Time Synchronization: the SuperViz SDK

Now there’s an easy way to build real-time synchronization for collaboration, presentations, guided tours and more, directly inside 3D web applications. The SuperViz SDK enables multi-person telepresence as well as the ability to sync custom properties in meeting rooms –

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SuperViz Cofounder Russ Rive and VP of Engineering Tommy Lindestrom inside a SuperViz immersive meeting

Why we built the SuperViz SDK and API

The SuperViz SDK is designed to be the easiest way to add immersive collaboration with video conferencing and avatars to any 3D web application with just a few lines of code. It enables people to meet directly inside remote locations and

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SuperViz News: Expanding remote collaboration access

From new partners to feature launches to customer success stories, we’re charging into the second half of 2022 with lots to share! SuperViz continues to increase opportunities for remote collaboration in 3D content. We’re bringing people together in digital spaces

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