Video SDK

Integrate reliable video conference into your web application with just a few lines of code. Innovative video applications are not bought, they’re built! Our videoSDK/API allows you to adapt to the needs of your user journey, creating a more engaging experience.

					const room = SuperVizRoom.init(

const video = new VideoConference();


For Developers, by Developers

Our team has a strong development background, developing video conference applications, real-time collaboration, and 3D web visualization.


Empower Seamless Communication

With SuperViz video SDK & API, you can add video conference to your web application within days instead of months. Our innovative video SDK is built to adapt to the needs of your users, creating a more engaging experience that drives business growth.


Explore Real-Time Interaction

SuperViz SDK blends video capabilities with practical collaboration tools to facilitate customer engagement and smoothly navigate real-time interactions. Coordinate meetings, share screens, work together on whiteboards, and more


Drive Business Growth, Save Time and Money

Maintain the focus on your core business while SuperViz manages the details. Our low-code video collaboration components allow you to provide improved solutions to your customers efficiently and continue to refine them over time.


All The Features You Need In One Solution

Up to 16 participants on group calls

Up to 230 participants on Live mode

Switch between multiple view modes

Screen sharing with collaboration tools

AI transcripts API

Customizable UI

Integrated chat

Presence controls


AI Transcript API

Easily bring AI to your video conference meetings with our AI Transcript API . Obtain essential meeting insights, generate concise summaries, pinpoint crucial decisions and much more.

Why go With SuperViz?

Reliable video quality

SuperViz SDK ensures consistent low-latency video calls to provide the best customer experience to your users.

Trusted Infrastructure

Robust and secure infrastructure for dependable application performance and data security.


Pay-as-you-go model, ensuring you only pay for the features you use, maximizing value and efficiency

Ship fast

Our low-code approach helps you expedite the deployment process, delivering solutions in no time.


Combine Video With our Other Products

Create the ultimate collaboration experience for your users.


Real-time mouse pointers and synchronized collaboration.


Annotations, threaded conversation and mentions.

AI Transcripts API

Transcribe your meetings and get insightful meeting analysis.

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