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Think of host licenses as people on your team that will be hosting meetings. Licenses are linked to the user email, and you can manage their permission of access inside the workspace. Pricing is the same no matter the role you choose. All roles are able to create and host meetings.

Each project is a space you add to your workspaces. Those spaces can be a Matterport tour, a Sketchfab model, a 3D CAD model added through the Autodesk integration, or a 360 tour created using our native builder.

The broadcast mode allows the user to host a meeting for up to 230 people. Ideal for webinars or presentation or a space for bigger groups. It generates a regular SuperViz meeting link for participants and an audience link for people to join as viewers. Learn more.

Public project is a feature that works only for 3D CAD Models and 360 tours hosted inside your workspace. These projects are private by default, so guest can only access them during a guided meeting. Making that project public will allow you to share and embed the project link outside of SuperViz for individual access. Guest can never start or host a meeting inside public projects.