AI Transcript API

AI Transcript API

Generate powerful meeting insights and more effective communication by combining AI Transcript API with video.

Enhancing User Accessibility

Enhance user experience with clear meeting summaries, improving information accessibility.

Automated Workflow Productivity

Streamline workflows and improve productivity by automating task extraction

Empowering Decision-Making Insights

Access to detailed meeting insights empowers data-driven decision-making.


Meeting Transcripts

Generate Summaries

Our AI condenses meeting transcripts into concise summaries, saving time and ensuring no critical details are missed.

Highlight Key Discussions

Our AI identifies and highlights important discussions, ensuring that crucial insights are easy to find.

Capture Action Items

Identify tasks and actionable items from meetings, making follow-up actions more efficient.

Monitor Speaking Durations​

Gain insights into individual speaking durations to encourage balanced participation.

Detect Questions

Automatically detect and flag raised questions, enabling comprehensive responses.

Measure Engagement​

Accurately measure conversational engagement to assess meeting effectiveness.

Why go With SuperViz?

Reliable and Scalable

SuperViz expertise and support ensure consistency for you to scale.

Focus on Core Development

By using our SDK, your team can focus on core product development while we handle AI transcript generation.


Pay-as-you-go model, ensuring you only pay for the features you use, maximizing value and efficiency.

Ship Fast

Our low-code approach helps you expedite the deployment process, delivering solutions in no time.

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