What is a Video Huddle and how to implement one

Discord has set a benchmark for creating a virtual environment where people can enter an audio or video meeting for real-time sharing and collaboration, previously such tools were used mostly for meetings and not focusing on the content everyone was

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Introducing the new SuperViz React SDK

Big news! Our new React SDK is here. This will complement our existing JavaScript SDK by providing developers working on React platforms with better compatibility and making it easier to incorporate SuperViz Collaboration components. To start using the React SDK,

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How to add image to a participant in SuperViz

Having photos of participants on your application can significantly enhance the user experience. It not only adds a personal touch but also aids in instant recognition, fostering a sense of community. Furthermore, it humanizes virtual interaction, making communication more engaging

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Easiest way to add a video huddle to your application

Video conferences have become an integral part of our work routines, especially after COVID-19. For many companies, schools, and medical centers, the possibility of conducting meetings in non-face-to-face ways means a great reduction in cost and stress, and with that,

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