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SuperViz Partner Program

Are you a forward-thinking software development company looking to expand your offerings?
SuperViz invites you to join our Partner Program and unlock new opportunities for your business.

Why Partner with SuperViz?

At SuperViz, we understand the challenges of the software development landscape. That’s why we’ve created a powerful SDK that empowers you to deliver collaboration features to your customers faster than ever before.

Our SDK offers a set of cutting-edge collaboration components that can be seamlessly integrated into web applications, helping you to expand your service offerings, boost your revenue, and accelerate your growth.

We frequently receive requests from companies in need of complete web applications. While this is not our core focus, it’s an opportunity we’re excited to share with our partners.

Partnering with SuperViz is mutually beneficial. While you may get leads for new developments, you also get a revenue share when implementing our product in the solutions you build for your customers. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and the sense of community. Our documentation is clear and built by developers. We provide direct support through our Discord Channel. And our code samples are available on GitHub to make implementation quick and easy. 

If you are interested in the SuperViz Partner Program, simply fill in the form below to start your journey with us.

Collaboration components to improve the applications you build

Learn more about our products below:


Fully functional reliable video conference.


Real-time mouse pointers and synchronized collaboration.

AI Transcript API

Transcribe your meetings and get insightful meeting analysis.


Annotations, threaded conversation and mentions

Refer to any of the materials to help you understand the potential we can explore together.

Coming soon


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