Twilio Video SDK deprecated: Discover SuperViz Video SDK

In light of Twilio’s recent decision to deprecate their Video SDK, many Twilio users might be seeking viable alternatives. While several solutions are available in the market, at SuperViz, we believe our approach stands apart. We aim to offer more … Read More

Strategic Software Development: Balancing Build vs Buy for Market Success

In software development, choosing when to create a custom solution or invest in an existing platform is critical. This choice is more than a singular action; it’s a strategic determination that can influence the product’s trajectory. Every software product comprises … Read More

SuperViz Version 5 is out!

This week, we rolled out our most significant release to date. As a startup, we’re deeply committed to learning from feedback and refining our product through multiple iterations. This iterative approach has culminated in our latest release. SuperViz’s mission is … Read More

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