How to allow users to add Contextual Comments to anywhere on your page

In the asynchronous collaboration environment of the remote online world, it’s crucial to communicate clearly and effectively. The Contextual Comments component of SuperViz enhances this communication by allowing users to add annotations to specific parts of a page. This feature … Read More

Twilio Video SDK deprecated: Discover SuperViz Video SDK

In light of Twilio’s recent decision to deprecate their Video SDK, many Twilio users might be seeking viable alternatives. While several solutions are available in the market, at SuperViz, we believe our approach stands apart. We aim to offer more … Read More

Migration Guide from Twilio Video to SuperViz Video Conference

In this article, you will walk a step-by-step through the transition from Twilio Video to SuperViz Video Conference. As Twilio has announced its decision to discontinue support, it’s important for you to find an alternative solution that best fits your … Read More

Cloud-Based Rendering and the Future of Portable Devices

Cloud-Based Rendering and the Future of Portable Devices

Microsoft has recently made headlines with the introduction of Azure cloud-based rendering services. This development is a significant shift in how rendering, an essential aspect of computing, can be performed and has far-reaching implications for the future of hardware. However, even though … Read More


Free Streamlined Collaboration inside Matterport tours We are pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that leverages the capabilities of the SuperViz SDK to offer immersive virtual meetings within Matterport tours, free of charge. represents a significant … Read More

SuperViz SDK vs Zoom SDK

Harnessing the Power of Immersive Collaboration Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the era of remote work and digital collaboration. Two powerful solutions leading the market are the SuperViz SDK and the Zoom SDK. Software Development Kits (SDKs) … Read More

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