SuperViz for BIM Software

SuperViz for BIM Software

Our low-code Collaboration SDK empowers you to elevate your user experience with game-changing components that will transform the way your users work synchronously and asynchronously.

BIM softwares have evolved but they still face some common challenges:

Limited Collaboration​

Current platforms lack effective real-time collaboration features, causing delays and inefficiencies.

Communication Gaps​

Important context often gets lost during discussions, leading to costly mistakes.

Disconnected Teams​

Collaborators are geographically dispersed, making it challenging to work together seamlessly.

SuperViz is here to address these issues and bring a new level of efficiency and collaboration to any web application.


Issue management inside Autodesk APS viewer

Why choose SuperViz

Create your first proof of concept in minutes! Our tutorials and demos are here to guide you.


Our products


With just a few lines of code, create a real-time collaboration experience, allowing multiple users to work inside the 3D model with a sense of presence.

Real-Time Co-Editing

Boost productivity by letting users collaboratively edit and work on designs in real time. Witness the magic of multiple users bringing ideas to life simultaneously.


Display online users to enhance real-time engagement. Promote quick communication, ensuring all stay in tune with key discussions and updates.


Deliver a sense of presence with avatars representing each user inside the space as if they are there together.

Video Conference

Integrate high-quality video conferencing directly into your app, allowing users to connect face-to-face for clearer and faster communication. Keep your users centralized in your platform and avoid the poor screen-share experience.

Full suite of features

Cameras, Mic, Screen-share, Chat, Grid view, Recordings, all in one solution.

Live mode

Allow up to 230 participants meetings with independent views to host training sessions and bigger presentations.

Reliable and trusted infrastructure

SuperViz SDK ensures consistent low-latency video calls to provide the best customer experience to your users.

Contextual Comments

Embed a customizable commenting experience into your product to enable people to collaborate asynchronously.

Enable focused feedback with annotations

Create or improve the issue appointment experience

Start conversations from anywhere

A comment thread can be created anywhere inside the BIM project, with coordinates for easy reference.

Complete experience

Mentions, Reactions, Integrations for external notifications, rich media attachments, and more.

Faster implementation with our ready-to-use plugins

Our plugins remove the complexity of custom coding, helping you integrate collaborative features into your 3D model viewer faster.

SuperViz plugins are compatible with popular 3D viewers and Javascript libraries, such as Matterport, Autodesk, and Three.js.

Our easy-to-build, feature-rich SDK gets you up and running with just a few lines of code.

What our customers are saying

Collaboration is key for BIM to succeed as a way of working

Through the last years of working very close to construction companies and architecture firms, we noticed that BIM platforms still lack the capabilities to streamline workflows and promote teamwork with ease. 

With SuperViz, any 3D model becomes a collaborative environment, increasing efficiency and productivity, and enhancing communication during all the phases of the project through an immersive experience.

 We love sharing what we’ve learned, if you’d like to discuss this further contact us today!

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