With just a few lines of code, our ready-to-use SDKs and APIs allows you to transform your single user application into a multi-user collaboration application.


Accelerate Collaborative Experiences

Elevate your application with the SuperViz SDK & API by transforming single user experiences into dynamic, multi-user collaborative environments. Our components adapt to user needs, creating immersive and engaging experiences.


Improve Engagements with Real-Time Presence

SuperViz SDK integrates presence capabilities with collaboration tools to enhance real-time user engagements. Experience the richness of real-time mouse pointers, instant co-editing, and who is online feature to promote immersive interactions.


Amplify Business Impact, Optimize Resources

Focus on your core business and trust SuperViz with enhancing your application’s collaborative functionalities. Our low-code Presence components empower you to swiftly introduce enriched collaborative solutions to your clients.


All you need to add Presence to your application

Real-time mouse pointers

Enhance user engagement whether they’re navigating a web page or exploring 3D environments. Real-time mouse pointers seamlessly adapt, providing intuitive interactions in every setting.

See who’s online

Add avatars, badges, profile images to your application to quickly see who is online inside the same room.

Real-time Co-Editing

Boost productivity by letting users collaboratively edit and work on documents, designs, or content in real-time. Witness the magic of multiple users bringing ideas to life simultaneously.


Follow/goto controls

Typing indicators

Real-time text editors

Empower Your App with Presence

Experience the innovation of real-time collaboration with SuperViz Presence – crafted for your application’s enhanced user engagement.


Digital Twins & 3D

Are you working with digital twins and 3D? Our 3D plugin for Presence helps you easily add Real-time mouse-pointers, 3D avatars and Presence controls to platforms such as Matterport, Autodesk and Three.js.

SuperViz digital twin plugin

SuperViz Ecosystem Enabled

Are you using our video product? You can connect SuperViz Presence to SuperViz Video and let meeting participants interact with your application while on a video conference call together.


Combine Presence With our Other Products

Create the ultimate collaboration experience for your users.


Fully functional reliable video conference.


Annotations, threaded conversation and mentions

Digital Twin & 3D Plugins

Collaboration inside digital twins and 3D applications

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