Embed a customizable commenting experience into your product to enable people to collaborate


Elevate Collaborative Feedback

Implement contextual commenting into your application in a few days, not weeks or months. Tailor-made to cater to your users’ collaborative needs, Contextual Comments enriches communication, ensures clarity, and enhances overall user satisfaction in feedback and review processes.


Unlock Comprehensive and Contextual Collaborations

Integrate contextual commenting capabilities alongside our additional collaboration features to elevate feedback and revision processes. Enjoy seamless comment threading, direct feedback on app elements, and record-keeping of revisions and suggestions.


Amplify Business Impact, Optimize Resources

Focus on your core business while SuperViz enriches your application’s collaborative framework. Our low-code Contextual Comments collaboration components enable you to swiftly deliver sophisticated, feedback-friendly solutions to your users.

All You Need to Add Contextual Comments to Your Application

Intuitive Comment Management

Navigate and manage feedback with a straightforward comment interface, ensuring all input is easily traceable and actionable.

Initiate Discussions Everywhere

Keep discussions easily traceable with a universally accessible comments sidebar throughout your app.

Begin Discussions from Any Point

Initiate comment threads on any element inside your app to facilitate spontaneous and relevant dialogues.

Direct Feedback with Annotations

Enable precise and relevant discussions directly on documents with detailed annotations.

Resolve Discussions
Coming soon
Coming soon

Elevate Feedback and Collaboration with Contextual Comments

Immerse your application in a seamless feedback loop using SuperViz Contextual Comments – engineered to streamline your revision processes and user interactions. 


Digital Twins & 3D

Our 3D plugin for Contextual Comments make it simple to insert annotations and feedback directly on subjects on platforms like Matterport, Autodesk, and Three.js, facilitating clear and precise collaboration.


SuperViz Ecosystem Enabled

Are you using SuperViz Presence? Connect it with SuperViz Comments to allow your users to interact with your application while providing feedback and comments in real-time.


Combine Contextual Comments With our Other Products

Create the ultimate collaboration experience for your users.


Real-time mouse pointers and synchronized collaboration.


Fully functional reliable video conference.

Digital Twin & 3D Plugins

Collaboration inside digital twins and 3D applications

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