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Improve remote collaboration by meeting inside digital twins​

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SuperViz immersive meeting host licenses are ideal for people who work with spatial content including 3D CAD models, Matterport digital twins, Sketchfab 3D models, ifc files, and 360 images and renders.

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Want to add immersive meetings and collaboration to your digital twin web app? Integrate the SuperViz SDK into your product with just a few lines of code.

SuperViz is immersive video conferencing with avatars for meeting inside digital twins. All via browser.

Why meeting inside digital twins?

Provide a guided tour instead of just sending a link

Curate and lead participants through a tour, property showing, presentation or any other experience, just like you’re there together in the physical space.

Increase efficiency by meeting inside digital twins

Streamline workflows, save time on follow-up, and find issues earlier by collaborating face-to-face in real time inside 3D models.  

Simplify meetings that involve spatial content like 3D models or digital twins

Host guided one-click meetings directly inside your projects with everyone you need, even if they don’t have technical experience.      

Help people visualize a space that isn’t built yet

Enable participants to move virtually around a model or rendering to help them gain a greater understanding of what the physical space will be like.  

Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability

Add virtual immersive meetings as part of your proposals and workflow to show support for energy, climate, and sustainability mandates.  

Create more equitable and accessible processes

Provide a way for all stakeholders to be included in building design and community planning by enabling them to join immersive presentations via browser from anywhere.

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Core Features

Meeting inside digital twins

Immersive Meetings

Full-function video conferencing layer for up to 16 participants, including chat, grid view and screen share.

SuperViz avatars Meeting inside digital twins

Multi-User Engagement

Automatic multiplayer-enabled integration inside our supported 3D viewers with customized avatars, pointers and controls.

Meeting inside digital twins

Real-World Sense of Presence

Participants have independent camera views and freedom of movement in the 3D space, as if they were really walking around the project.

SuperViz API and SDK meeting broadcast

Large-Group Immersive Meetings

Broadcast mode allows up to 230 participants to follow and move around in live meetings with chat access.


Flexible Pricing

Whether you choose to use our immersive meeting platform or SDK, we provide flexible pricing plans for every need.

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