The SuperViz SDK enables you to implement both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration in a highly customizable manner, suited to your requirements. Below are a few use cases demonstrating how SuperViz can add value across different scenarios in modern web apps where collaboration is increasingly centralized within the same platform.

Productivity Tools

Integrate SuperViz into your creative and productivity tools to enhance collaboration capabilities. This allows for real-time interaction, review, and iteration on design projects, be it UI/UX design tools, video editors, or online brainstorming applications.

Sales Platforms

Elevate your sales platforms with SuperViz Video and Presence, facilitating interactive and real-time presentations for live demos and personalized showcases to potential customers.

3D modeling & BIM Software

SuperViz Digital Twin and 3D plugins enable real-time collaboration within BIM projects, facilitating rich interactive discussions on architectural designs.

Project Management

Enhance cross-functional collaboration with the SuperViz SDK, transforming your project management tools into interactive collaboration spaces.

Education & E-learning

SuperViz enhances your education and e-learning platforms by facilitating interactive and engaging learning experiences, accommodating both 2D and 3D applications.

Real Estate Showcasing

SuperViz SDK transforms property tours into interactive, real-time experiences. Engage potential buyers with live tours and personalized property walkthroughs


SuperViz Video can significantly enhance teleheath platforms by enriching patient-doctor interactions with real-time video communication, enabling more precise and personal remote consultations.

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