“Teleport” Inside Commercial Properties Together 

The Virtual Evolution of Commercial Real Estate 

Like all areas of our lives, commercial real estate is going digital—and it’s not going back. Even before COVID forced us to live remote like never before, corporate tenants, real estate investors, buyers, and other stakeholders were demanding greater digital accessibility: 

Corporations looking to expand nationally or internationally wanted to scout out new office locations before committing to renting them. 

Investors needed to fully understand the intricacies of far-flung commercial real estate opportunities before they could pull out their proverbial checkbooks.  

Buyers wanted to be immersed in a property’s digital renderings so they could envision themselves living there. 

Now because of COVID, finding new ways to get people excited about commercial real estate without seeing properties in-person is critical. In some situations, a physical tour is impractical, if not unsafe or downright impossible. The investors and builders who embrace virtual reality (VR), immersive 3D renderings, and video walkthroughs will thrive today and emerge as industry leaders post pandemic. The name that is leading this virtual evolution in commercial real estate? SuperViz. 

First Things First. What is SuperViz?

SuperViz is a next-gen 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation tool. With SuperViz, you can host virtual showings and site visits in real-world locations (or renderings) as if you and your customers were physically there together.  SuperViz has all the functionality of a video conferencing and 360° walkthrough appwith VR capabilities and so much more! SuperViz is:

  • A Virtual Group “Teleportation” App: That may sound far-fetched, but hear us out! Your standard video tour is a one-way street: viewers are seeing images, but can’t engage with the scene alongside others as they would in real life. SuperViz transports a digital avatar of the viewer and others into the same 360° tour simultaneously. One immersive experience, shared together. 
  • A Multimedia Conferencing Tool: It’s easy to embed hotspot layers of interactive images, notes, videos, audio clips, or external web links to your SuperViz. The hotspots can link to external marketplaces, listing details, or any other webpage of interest to your customers.  
  • Easy Enough for Anyone to Use: SuperViz doesn’t require expensive software or hardware; it operates on anything with an internet connection, including smart phones, computers, tablets, and VR headsets. It has a simple, intuitive interface that lets you build a 360° immersive walkthrough with just a few clicks. 

SuperViz engages people in surprising ways that translate into better business. Without further ado, here are three reasons why SuperViz is leading the virtual transformation of commercial real estate: 

Reason #1: SuperViz streamlines the commercial building process. 

SuperViz conferencing is a better way to bring your team together and maintain visibility with stakeholders during design and construction. SuperViz transports you and your team “on-site” to check in on construction, no matter where in the world you are. Need an expert consultant on your build site ASAP? With SuperViz’s drag-and-drop functionality, you can upload a 360° photo of the site, create an immersive walkthrough tour, and invite stakeholders to join you in a matter of seconds.

Reason #2: SuperViz enhances CRE marketing and sales. 

SuperViz integrates into—and greatly enhances—existing marketing and sales strategies. Find new clients beyond the constraints of geography. Bring digital renderings of model homes and condos to life like never before. The greater social connection and experiential memory making of a SuperViz 360° tour can lead to greater emotional connection with a property—which in turn can help boost sales and rentals. And the best part? Once you build a SuperViz scene of your commercial property, you can reuse it infinitely. Your sales team can schedule multiple walkthroughs of the same property at the same time, maximizing your reach. 

Reason #3: SuperViz enriches the customer experience. 

No matter who your customer is—commercial real estate investor, corporate tenant, or private buyer—SuperViz brings unparalleled vitality to your immersive property tours. Walk through construction sites, 3D renderings, or model homes with your customers in groups of up to 8. You can point out on-site features and bring up multi-media tools as needed. Customers can engage with your commercial property anywhere, anytime, from the comfort and safety of their homes or offices. The hotspot layers in SuperViz can also be linked to external sites that enrich the customer experience, including specification documents, marketplaces, pricing sheets, Google drive documents, and more. SuperViz will seamlessly integrate into your existing marketing and sales systems in this way. 

Ready to go virtual? Learn more about SuperViz for commercial real estate and construction at https://www.superviz.com/.