The Internet dramatically improved the real estate sales process by enabling both parties to view online listings and images of each option without driving around town. The sales process further improved when 360-degree images of listings were introduced. Virtual tours are pretty common in today’s buying process, but new tools are making these virtual tours a collaborative and interactive experience.

Benefits of Virtual Home Tours
The typical virtual tour places the user inside the home. The user can pan around the room and adjust his or her view as desired as if they were doing an in-person visit. These tours save buyers and their agents a tremendous amount of time and energy. They can narrow down the options without having to spend hours driving around town. When the agent and the buyer meet to tour homes in person, they will tour the buyer’s top options.

Where Virtual Home Tours Fall Short
One of the most significant drawbacks of traditional virtual tours is that the agent is not present for a significant portion of the preliminary home search experience. The agent does not have the ability to overcome objections or even to learn about objections in many cases. The lack of communication at this stage in the process may limit the effectiveness of the agent when he or she comes together with the buyer. For example, the agent could gain critical information about the buyer’s preferences and concerns during live home tours. This information may help the agent to overcome objections, refocus the buyer’s attention, or offer alternative homes based on the feedback.

Another disadvantage of virtual tours is the lack of control the agent has over the presentation. The agent lacks the ability to guide the buyer through the features and benefits the home buyer views first. Furthermore, the buyer may overlook important attributes or key selling points of a home when the agent is not available to specifically point them out.

A Better Way
SuperViz is a collaborative virtual tour tool where the agent and the buyer meet each other inside the virtual tour. The agent presents the homes as they virtually walk through the property together. SuperViz is a web-based application, so there is no app to download and it runs on any device. It combines the benefits of video conference presentations with the benefits of 360-degree virtual tours. The ability to be communicating with the buyer while exploring properties together virtually is quite profound.

Uninterrupted Communication
Traditional virtual home tours essentially cut the real estate agent out of the picture. The agent sends links to tours for homes that the buyer may be interested in, but the buyer views those tours alone and makes an independent evaluation. With SuperViz the agent can be there together with the buyer during online home tours. This facilitates better communication between both parties. The agent can gain a better understanding of what the buyer likes and dislikes about various homes. When the agent identifies specific concerns about a home that may easily be overcome, he or she can offer an explanation or solutions. Properties that the buyer may have previously written off quickly may be considered more carefully. This way, the buyer and agent can narrow down the options together.

SuperViz also provides agents with the ability to customize their presentations. They can layer the 360-degree images with links, audio, notes and more. They can also include a floorplan with scene links so that the buyer can get a better feel for what it is like to walk through the home. SuperViz is easy to use and agents do not need to spend hours preparing each presentation for their clients. SuperViz helps agent improve the effectiveness of virtual home tours.

A Better Experience For The Buyer
The benefits of using a tool like SuperViz also benefit the buyer. Better communications with the buyer’s agent during virtual tours helps the buyer to make well-informed decisions. The buyer will feel more connected to his or her agent. Furthermore, the buyer can potentially gain more information about each home. SuperViz also works with virtual reality headsets, so the agent can make the buyer experience immersive as if they were physically touring the home with the agent. Whether a buyer decides to eliminate a home from further consideration or place it on a short list of top options, he or she can feel more confident about the decision. While doing so, the buyer can also save valuable time and energy.