Feel like you need to reconnect your remote team together during these tough times?

If your team building or corporate training retreat’s been impacted by COVID, a virtual event can be a great opportunity for employees to take a break, reconnect, and get inspired. Done right, you can boost morale and even get in some employee training time. With so many people spread out and working remotely, making an effort to bring everyone together in a meaningful way is more important than ever. 

Here are our top planning tips to make your virtual team building event a success. 

Choose the Right Video Conferencing Tool for Your Needs

SuperViz is a 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation platform that’s ideal for team building and corporate retreats. Even if you’ve never planned this kind of virtual experience before, the easy set-up in SuperViz allows you to quickly create your immersive scenes by uploading photos from your phone or tablet. 

Since SuperViz doesn’t require any software or app downloads, it’s accessible to your entire remote team. All they need is a web-enabled device like a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or VR headset. You just create a simple link to send to your employees, and with one click they enter the space you’ve set up. With SuperViz, you can virtually “teleport” avatars of yourself and your team into the space, as if you were physically there together.

The real-time conferencing enables you to lead activities, answer questions, teach skills, and direct practice the same way you would anywhere else. Having your team be able to interact directly throughout the event is fun and builds stronger connections. For teams that already know each other, it’s a reminder of existing friendship and support. For remote workers who’ve never met, it can build rapport and instill understanding of your organizational culture. An engaging virtual team building event can be a great way to connect everyone to each other and to your company’s mission.

Create a Feature-Rich Experience to Connect Your Team

You can use the tools in SuperViz to set up your event with a lot of the same building blocks and activities you’d use in person. Once you load photos from your phone or tablet to create the basic scene, you can easily delegate other creative tasks to employees to increase buy-in. The simplicity of the platform allows for multiple team leaders to set up mini e-learning sessions within the event.

Unlike standard video conferencing, you can embed “hotspot” layers of multimedia within your virtual scenes. This includes videos, photos, audio clips, external websites, and notes. Easily add interactive game links, create trivia quizzes or scavenger hunts, and set up skills-based training challenges. With the integrated video conferencing, you can lead activities just like you would in person.

The intuitive drag-and-drop feature makes setting up simple. Laser pointers and drawing tools provide methods for highlighting specifics. There’s even an integrated street view so you can take the team on an outdoor expedition together.

“Teleport” Your Team to Fun Locations 

By being able to see each other on screen and have a conversation while viewing the same space at the same time, SuperViz allows you to go beyond a typical online event. You can even create a fun retreat setting and virtually transport everyone out of their home offices for a day.

Since all you need for your immersive scenes are 360° photos or digital renderings, you can host your team in a corporate conference room, on a mountain top, or at the beach. Send themed packages out ahead of time with drinks, food, or gifts that correspond to the location to boost morale and excitement about the event. Without having to deal with in-person logistics like transportation and venue cost, anything goes!

Ready to Jump In?

SuperViz is an all-in-one solution to host your virtual team building, retreats, and corporate training and development. If you’ve wanted to offer a virtual event for your team, but the idea of learning to use 360° video conferencing or virtual reality made you hesitate, you now have a simple, straightforward option. 

Visit www.superviz.com to get started now!