Explore the world in 360° immersive scenes

A trip to Paris is on many people’s bucket lists. The city of lights has long captured the imagination, inspiring great works of art and fiction. Alas, times are hard for travel enthusiasts. A physical flight to Paris may not be on your agenda now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away. Thanks to 360° panoramic tours, you can travel to Paris (and far beyond!) on a moment’s notice. 

Travel the World with SuperViz

Exploring a far-off destination is easy with SuperViz. Simply upload a 360° photo (yours or one sourced from online), and turn it into an immersive tour or video conference backdrop with just a few clicks. With a little creativity, you could, for example, turn your lunch break into an immersive tour halfway around the world. Here are just a few other fun virtual travel ideas to try out using SuperViz:

Catch Up Over Coffee in Paris  

Are your social video calls feeling a little stale? Try inviting your friends to catch up over coffee in scenic Paris! Jump into a pre-made SuperViz project like the one below, or create your own for free. 

A Virtual Date in Front of the Eiffel Tower 

Navigating a long-distance relationship or wading through the waters of online dating? Reconnect or get to know one another in a fun, spontaneous way! Invite your date to meet you in front of the Eiffel Tower for dinner, drinks, and conversation.  

Take a Field Trip to the Louvre

Have art lovers in the family? They’ll get a kick out of experiencing the famous culture of Paris in 360°. There are some stunning panoramic photos online of the Louvre that are just begging to be turned into a SuperViz scene  

Try Making Your Own SuperViz Tour

Prefer to travel somewhere else? The beauty of SuperViz is that you can teleport yourself and groups of up to eight friends anywhere you want, without worrying about the boundaries of space and time. When your imagination is your only limit, the only question is: where do you want to go?

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