Cloud-Based Rendering and the Future of Portable Devices

Cloud-Based Rendering and the Future of Portable Devices

Microsoft has recently made headlines with the introduction of Azure cloud-based rendering services. This development is a significant shift in how rendering, an essential aspect of computing, can be performed and has far-reaching implications for the future of hardware. However, even though … Read More


Free Streamlined Collaboration inside Matterport tours We are pleased to announce the launch of, a platform that leverages the capabilities of the SuperViz SDK to offer immersive virtual meetings within Matterport tours, free of charge. represents a significant … Read More

SuperViz 4.8.0

SuperViz SDK v4.8.0 Released

SuperViz is pleased to announce the release of SDK 4.8.0, another milestone in our continual endeavor to offer innovative and practical solutions for immersive meetings. This latest version of our SDK has been updated with new features and improvements designed … Read More

SuperViz SDK vs Zoom SDK

Harnessing the Power of Immersive Collaboration Technology has taken a giant leap forward in the era of remote work and digital collaboration. Two powerful solutions leading the market are the SuperViz SDK and the Zoom SDK. Software Development Kits (SDKs) … Read More

SuperViz SDK v4.6.4 and Autodesk Plugin Released

SuperViz is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and workflow of our customers by continuously improving our platform. In this spirit, we are excited to announce two significant updates: the release of SDK v4.6.4, featuring an improved Realtime Data Engine, … Read More

A Pioneering Collaboration: MPskin and SuperViz Transform Immersive Tours

In a recent interview with SuperViz, Mia Zlatinov from MPSkin discussed their successful integration of the SuperViz SDK, which brought immersive collaboration with video conferencing and avatars to their platform. She also talks about MPsin’s unique software that enables users … Read More

The Future of Collaboration in Digital Twins: Enhanced Features for Increased Retention and Revenue

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and the demand for seamless collaboration within digital twins is becoming increasingly important. As more companies integrate collaboration features into their products, users expect these advanced capabilities as standard offerings. In this article, we … Read More

SuperViz SDK: Building Your Own Feature-Rich Meeting Solution Without a Plugin

If you are using a library or software such as Unreal Engine, Unity, Babylon.js etc. that doesn’t have an existing SuperViz plugin, you can still create a feature-rich SuperViz-enabled solution with the SuperViz SDK. The SDK is compatible with any … Read More

The Power of Immersive Collaboration in Web Applications: Boosting Efficiency and Engagement with SDKs

As technology advances, businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and user engagement. One area where technology has made a significant impact is in the realm of immersive collaboration in digital twins. This blog post will explore the … Read More

SuperViz SDK for immersive meetings

Announcing the public launch of the SuperViz SDK for immersive meetings

Meet the SuperViz SDK! Anyone with a 3D or digital twin web application can now easily add face-to-face synchronous collaboration, guided tours, and interactive presentations to their platform. The SuperViz SDK transforms single-user experiences into multi-user, including full video conferencing … Read More

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