SuperViz Releases Support for 3D CAD Models and a New All-In-One Workspace


We’re excited to announce our newest release, support for 3D CAD models, as well as a major update to the SuperViz workspace.

The SuperViz 3D CAD model integration, created using Autodesk’s Forge, increases remote collaboration capabilities across more than 60 different file types. CAD users can now easily upload models and meet virtually face-to-face in them.

It’s a streamlined way to set up real-time immersive meetings in 3D models for project management teams, designers, contractors, vendors and other stakeholders.

3D CAD model support joins our other recent releases, which include Matterport and Sketchfab. With these integrations, SuperViz now provides seamless set-up of immersive video conferencing inside digital twins, 360 photos, and dozens of 3D model file types.

This week we also launched one of our biggest upgrades to date – an all-in-one workspace with complete access to all integrations, along with full functionality of every meeting feature. Our team designed the new all-in-one workspace to make SuperViz even more efficient for people who work in and collaborate with spatial content.

Feature highlights:

  • Quickly link and upload all projects, regardless of type, into one organized workspace for instant meeting set-up any time you need them.
  • Move between multiple projects during a single meeting. Change between Matterport and IFC, for example, or move from a Sketchfab model to a CAD file, with one click.
  • Virtually walk around the project as though you’re there together. Every participant has an independent camera view and freedom of movement in the 3D space.
  • Use hover-and-click options like follow-me, gather-all, and go-to for precise guidance of participants through the space. All participant positions are visible with active lasers to ensure accurate and focused discussion.
  • Add new team members any time, and always maintain full control over granting or removing team member access to projects.

As always, SuperViz remains committed to improving the accessibility of remote collaboration. Our immersive meetings work directly in browsers, with no downloads necessary. Guests don’t need an account, CAD software, or any technical experience. Participants join by clicking the instant meeting link shared by the host. It’s then easy and intuitive for them to navigate around the 3D project using their mouse and keyboard.

SuperViz is the leader in video conferencing technology for people who work with spatial content. We improve global access to remote collaboration to bring people together with a sense of presence in digital spaces, helping to save time and money while increasing efficiency.

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