SuperViz News: We Added 3D Model Uploads!


Collaborate in 3D like never before

It’s official! We’ve launched a platform update that provides for a drag and drop upload of 3D Model files to SuperViz.

We know this is an important feature for many of our clients who use BIM software and digital tools. Our team heard the requests and we’re excited to unveil and share this new functionality. You can now collaborate remotely inside 3D Models. It’s an industry game-changer and we’re proud to contribute to the current wave of construction tech innovation.

How It Works

Import IFC Files and Collaborate With Video Conferencing

Setting up meetings in your 3D models is just as straightforward as using other SuperViz scenes. Simply upload your IFC files and your project is ready to be explored virtually. It’s a powerful addition that allows your team to remotely discuss decisions in real time, anticipate issues and avoid rework.

Once your 3D model is set up in SuperViz, project team members can view and host meetings in it directly in a browser. Access is available from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or phone. No software, downloads or special equipment is needed.

With a few clicks you can invite others to join you inside the project for immersive video conferencing. An evolution in BIM collaboration, the ability to upload IFC files enhances even further the all-in-one functionality of SuperViz.


Designed for Construction and Real Estate Professionals

We created and set up the new function with tools and navigation that will feel familiar to users of 3D modeling software.

A sidebar enables quick access to 3D tools, including:

  • Wireframe
  • Floor Plan
  • Reset View
  • Measurement ruler

Navigation, including right click and left click usage, is also similar to most modeling software, minimizing learning curves and allowing your team to focus on the project.

Meeting participants can even click on one another’s video grid to view the project through each others’ camera. With this live camera function and the use of avatars in the project, teams can be sure everyone’s on the same page during virtual discussions.

I am excited to get this out in public Beta and start receiving feedback. This opens up new possibilities of collaborating in 3D designs before building. Anticipate decisions and avoid rework. Don’t just present your projects – meet inside them!”

Russ Rive, SuperViz Co-Founder and CEO 

The entire SuperViz team is pleased to offer the new IFC upload function. We  look forward to hearing how our clients use it for projects and to receiving their feedback. We remain committed to designing features that are compatible with BIM software, along with supporting collaboration in the construction and real estate industries.



We’d love for you to explore this new addition to the SuperViz platform and share your experience with it. Click here to schedule a demo.

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