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Matterport + SuperViz is a digital solution for people working with Matterport tours to meet virtually inside remote spaces. With a few clicks, you can collaborate, showcase, and sell inside Matterport 3D tours with integrated, immersive video conferencing.

The SuperViz reseller program is a new way for Matterport service providers to offer additional value to their clients, along with earning commission.

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We designed the program to help photographers increase revenue, stand out from competitors, and add value to their proposals and service packages.

It’s also a great way to organize all of a client’s Matterport tours when delivering them. All with minimal added work.

We’re excited to be part of the digital transformation in real estate — creating new ways to support our clients and help them grow their businesses.

Our reseller program is meant to help photographers who need to differentiate their business, as well as their real estate industry clients who need safe, time-saving, and engaging meeting solutions.


How does the Matterport + SuperViz solution work?

Simply paste your shareable Matterport link into your SuperViz workspace to add the 3D tours. Once it’s added, users can start meeting within them.

Participants won’t need to do anything but click the link to join the video conference. SuperViz is accessible via any internet-enabled device. No software, downloads or special equipment needed.

Here are some of the benefits for customers:

  • Change tours during meetings, so they can take their clients to different locations with one click. 
  • Activate the follow me function so that people are moving together but still free to look around.
  • All video conferencing capabilities are included such as screen sharing and recording.
  • The laser is always active to all users, so it helps point out anything you want to drive the attention to.

You can read more here about the benefits of guided video tours for virtual real estate showings.


Introduction to the SuperViz reseller program

Here’s an example of how it works.

Say you’re a Matterport photographer and you’ve got a client who needs a capture and a 3D tour set up for a property. In addition to delivering the tour, you can also offer the client the ability to video conference with their buyers directly inside it.

You can even use SuperViz to meet inside the newly completed project with your client to review the tour with them and spot any issues right away.

For your real estate clients, the addition of SuperViz provides a way for them to host more engaging showings, save time on travel for themselves and clients, and qualify leads before meeting in person.


Interested in becoming a SuperViz reseller?

Here are a few of our SuperViz reseller benefits:

  • Create unlimited workspaces to organize your clients’ Matterport tours.
  • Receive commission on all recurring new licenses you sell.
  • Give the right look to your clients’ workspace by customizing it with logos, custom URLs, and customized “Enter Meeting” screens.
  • Differentiate your Matterport business from competitors by offering added value.
  • Exclusive support from our team.

We’re excited to already have a growing team of reseller partners.

If you’d like to learn more about whether the program is a good fit for you, please fill in the form or schedule a demo with one of our partnership program representatives.