SuperViz for Matterport

It’s here!!!

We launched our Matterport integration! Now every SuperViz user can choose to add Matterport and meet with clients directly inside their 3D tours.

The SuperViz team is committed to improving global access to remote collaboration. Our integration with Matterport, who is leading the digital transformation of the built world, creates an incredibly powerful solution. While Matterport takes your buildings online from design stage to sales, SuperViz provides the capacity for spatial collaboration in remote real estate sales and design. With only a few clicks you can meet virtually and collaborate inside projects like never before.

Integration Blast-Off: How SuperViz for Matterport Works

The integration is seamless. SuperViz goes inside the Matterport platform, building on top of the existing spatial data. It’s not just a meeting overlay on a project, it actually allows for virtual face-to-face interaction inside the project, complete with avatars, shared screen views, and our full suite of meeting tools. 

Users simply log in to their accounts on each platform, then paste a link to their 3D Matterport tour into SuperViz. That’s it. A project dashboard appears in moments, providing full functionality.

Once the project is set up, it’s easy to create a meeting and send invitations. Clients and colleagues won’t need to do anything but click the link to join the video conference. As always, SuperViz remains accessible via any internet-enabled device. No software, downloads or special equipment needed.

Here’s how it works:

SuperViz For Matterport provides the tools needed before, during and after remote meetings. Organize assets in one place, meet together inside the space, record meetings, and provide access to everything even after the meeting’s over:

  • Videoconferencing for up to 16 people inside your Matterport tour
  • Avatars and laser pointers 
  • Screen share
  • Meeting recording
  • Chat
  • Payment is structured so you only pay per host
  • Unlimited meetings

Be There Together

SuperViz is quick, on-the-spot access to meet face-to-face inside immersive virtual spaces. It’s the number one video conferencing platform when location is the focus.

“We’re excited to deliver the wow-factor and sense of being together in one place that’s been missing in online interaction,” says SuperViz CEO Russ Rive. “Our team is working to remove barriers of physical distance and improve the way people connect and collaborate.”

SuperViz brings teams and clients together to save time and money, increase productivity, and grow businesses.

Experience meeting inside your 3D content.

Click here to experience a private demo meeting.

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