Quick Tip: Use the SuperViz “Follow Me” Function to Guide Matterport Tours

SuperViz guided virtual tour inside Matterport digital twin

SuperViz makes it easy to have context-specific conversations inside remote locations. Immersive real estate tours inside Matterport digital twins are a great example of this. 

Turn a Digital Twin into a Guided Virtual Tour

With just a few clicks, real estate agents and clients can meet virtually inside a Matterport digital twin. The idea is to recreate being there together, not just send someone a Matterport tour link and then ask them afterward what it’s like. It would be like taking someone down the street and telling them, “take a look at a house, call me when you’re done,” versus a more productive agent-guided tour.

We’ve created a simple system that’s very similar to video conferencing, but it’s designed for meetings when the location is the subject, when being there together is important. Almost as if it was a mini group-teleportation machine running in a browser. The idea that we would love to meet some way remotely, but really have the sense of presence and talk about it. That’s what SuperViz really tries to recreate. It gives a sense of presence remotely in 3D content.” – Russ Rive, SuperViz Cofounder and CEO

SuperViz provides a way for realtors and clients to go into the property together, and the platform’s independent camera views mean that everyone is free to look around like they would in a real world situation.

How to Use the Follow Me Function in Matterport Tours

Specially designed SuperViz Guide Features like the Follow Me function, along with avatars and laser pointers, provide additional tools to keep virtual tours on track.

Check out this quick demo clip to learn how to use Follow Me inside a Matterport digital twin: Matterport and SuperViz for Real Estate 

Follow Me is initially activated by the host in a meeting, but can then be used by any participant. Everyone still has freedom to look around independently even when the function is in use, so it really simulates what it’s like to provide an in-person guided tour. 

Joining a virtual tour using SuperViz is easy, even for those without strong technical experience.

“If someone’s never heard of SuperViz, even though it feels like a metaverse avatar application, if someone hasn’t experienced that before and you invite them to a meeting, they simply open the web link, allow access to the camera and microphone as if they were joining any video conferencing system and that’s it. They’re in. They’re there. There’s nothing to download or to install to start using it,” explains Rive.

Click here to schedule a 1:1 demo and learn more about how SuperViz can help improve engagement in your virtual tours.

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