New Release: SuperViz Broadcast Meetings

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest platform update – SuperViz Broadcast. It enables amphitheater-style immersive meetings in 3D projects. Users can now host over 200 people in one meeting, breaking open our previous max of 16 participants. 

“Many of our customers have requested hosting larger audiences, everything from company all-hands and internal training events, to museum and architectural walk-throughs,” says SuperViz CEO and Co-Founder Russ Rive. “It’s a fantastic feature for anyone who needs to host remote interactive presentations where a location is the subject.”

How SuperViz Broadcast Works

The Broadcast feature is active in all SuperViz projects including Matterport, Sketchfab, 3D CAD models, and 360° Tour Builder.

Customers will notice there are now three options when they click the “Create Meeting” icon in a project.

  1. Select from Start Instant Meeting, Create Meeting for Later, or Create Broadcast Meeting. Click the Broadcast option to get a pop-up with shareable meeting links for presenters and the audience. This also generates an email to the host containing a copy of the links and directions. 
  2. Use the Presenter link to invite up to 16 people to share leadership in the meeting. Participants that enter with this link have webcams, microphones, and avatars activated.
  3. The Audience link can be shared with up to 230 people. Audience link participants do not have webcams, microphones, or avatars activated. Audience participants can use the chat to communicate. They can also move through the space and look around independently. 


All SuperViz meeting features are available in Broadcast, including:

  • Follow mode can be activated by the host and provides a way for everyone in the meeting to follow the selected presenter.
  • Go-to enables anyone in the meeting to click the webcam of a presenter and jump to their position in 3D space.
  • Recordings are from the host’s point of view can be saved and shared once the meeting has ended.
  • Screen sharing is available to all presenters and viewable by everyone in the meeting.

SuperViz Broadcast is now activated for free for a limited time for all SuperViz customers.

If you don’t yet have an account, click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial

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