An immersive arts experience is only a screen away

Anyone who loves art has had this experience: walking into a gallery, locking eyes with a piece that speaks to you, and spending a few zen minutes lost in its colors, lines, shapes, and images. Even if you don’t consider yourself an art connoisseur, it’s nice to visit a museum or gallery every once in a while to take in some culture. Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to engage with art in person recently due to COVID restrictions. Even in a post-pandemic world, there will continue to be plenty of barriers to seeing great works of art face-to-face. There’s physical distance, the logistics of travel, the expense of museum entrance fees, and, often, the crowds.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advances like video conferencing and virtual reality, it’s easier than ever to access the art gallery experience at your convenience. But you probably don’t know just how easy it is to make your own virtual gallery. You just need the right platform. 

Create a Virtual Art Gallery with SuperViz

SuperViz is a next-gen video conferencing and presentation tool that lets anyone transform 360° images into immersive virtual spaces. Groups of up to eight people can explore the space simultaneously, engaging with each other, their virtual avatars, and the environment as if they were physically there together. This is an exciting step up from traditional video conferencing or video walkthroughs. The immersion and experiential capabilities of SuperViz lend themselves well to the art viewing experience. For example, with SuperViz it’s possible to:

  • Explore a famous museum or architectural landmark at your own pace; 
  • Curate a digital gallery with multimedia hotspots of artwork (your own creations or some of your favorite pieces by other artists); 
  • Throw a virtual gallery opening for a small group of guests; or 
  • Host an “art walk” themed video conference for your friends (bring your own wine and cheese!).

Below: a SuperViz scene created using a panoramic photo of a contemporary art gallery. Explore it on your phone, tablet, computer, or VR headset! 

Enhance Your Tour with Multimedia

One of the best features of SuperViz is that you can embed multimedia hotspots within your 360° scene that attendees can interact with: this includes video, audio, downloadable documents, and hyperlinks to external web sites. Thanks to this functionality, you can enrich your virtual tour with educational content, artist interviews, an online store, and much more. 

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