SDK examples

SDK examples

The demo library below is designed to help you utilize the full potential of our developer tools. We’re here to help you get up and running and to provide inspiration for anything you want to build with SuperViz. Each demo includes a link to a working version, along with a direct link to the source code.

Quick-start: use the Three.js plugin with default RPM avatars​

This example is a good starting point to learn the basics on how to use the three.js plugin.

Quick-start: use the Matterport plugin with default RPM avatars

This example is a good starting point to learn the basics on using the Matterport plugin.

Add multi-player interaction and walking avatars to your ifc.js 3D web viewer

In this demo we show how to implement walking avatars into an IFC model using the ifc.js library.

Matterport example: Change project during a meeting.

Learn how to implement Change project feature inside a Matterport plugin enabled meeting.

How to add custom avatars into meeting settings

Learn how to implement your own avatars in a meeting. Custom avatars will be injected into the meeting settings.

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