Spend a day at sea even if you can’t get to the ocean

Does this past year have you ready to set sail and head to sea? Feeling like it’s time to float far, far away?

Whether your passion is sailing and cruising, or you have a healthy obsession with fishing, you know the siren call of the open water. And being out on the ocean is about so much more than the sports and activities we love to do. The transformational experience of sharing outdoor adventures with friends enriches our time and strengthens our relationships.

Last year was a challenge in so many ways, and that includes some of our plans for travel and activities on the water. Between ports that were closed to boating visitors, and general restrictions on travel during the pandemic, you may be missing your normal escapes out to sea.

But there are some fun options while we wait for sport and adventure opportunities to slowly open back up. How about trying out some virtual time on the water with friends? It’s easier than you might think and can help bring calming vibes into the day.

Check out this example of a 360° ocean scene created in SuperViz:

You can easily set up your own virtual 360° ocean, beach, or island sport adventure without leaving home. With SuperViz’s 360° tours and video conferences, it’s as simple as uploading a 360° photo, panoramic scene, or Google Streetview image. SuperViz is a next-gen meeting and presentation app that lets you turn panoramic images into immersive virtual spaces. Just upload an image, add optional multimedia or links, and invite your friends to join you. Your avatars will be instantly teleported to the virtual world, where you can interact with each other and your surroundings as if you were physically there at the same time.

If you can’t go to the ocean, why not find a way to bring it to you? Here are some ideas for your virtual day at sea in SuperViz:

  • Plan your next fishing charter. Use an ocean scene like the one above as a virtual meeting spot to chat with buddies about plans for your next deep sea fishing adventure.
  • Meet up and watch a sailing race. Set up an ocean or marina scene, embed a link to coverage of the next big international race, and have friends join in remotely with their beverage of choice.
  • Plot your next cruise with friends. Set your scene and meet up virtually to compare notes on travel deals and potential destinations; you can embed links and files right into the SuperViz scene.
  • Host a sunset dinner. Find an amazing 360º ocean sunset image, then invite friends to join in from their own homes, and chat over video together while you virtually sail off into the sunset.

Visit www.superviz.com to get started creating your own virtual adventure!