Like all areas of our lives, the real estate industry is going digital—and it’s not going back any time soon. Are you embracing the virtual future in your real estate business?

A soon-to-be ex-pat needs to find a new home abroad. A real estate developer must sell properties that haven’t been built yet. Not long ago, the solution to such common real estate scenarios would have been a site visit or a second-hand viewing of the property in question. 

But what happens when a global pandemic—or the ordinary constraints of space and time—keep real estate developers, investors, and buyers from physically traveling to a location? Even before COVID-19 made showings challenging (if not impossible), the real estate market was embracing virtual technology. The pandemic has drastically accelerated this transition, with mixed results. The Limitations of Most Virtual Tech Virtual reality, video tours, and 3-D renderings are all a step up from static property photos, but they lack fundamental elements that help people click with a space: emotional connection, experiential memories, and social interaction. 

What does this mean? A video tour won’t allow you to “walk” through rooms while chatting with a friend or loved one. You can’t meet a real estate agent inside a virtual reality headset and flip through a catalog of fixtures together. Most virtual tech in real estate will let you see a space, but it won’t let you feel what it’s like to be in it with someone else. This disconnect makes the job of selling real estate that much harder! 

Instead, what if you could virtually “teleport” yourself and your prospective buyers into a commercial building listed halfway around the world? Or a model home that exists only as a 3-D rendering? It’s not as sci-fi as it sounds. 

Introducing SuperViz

SuperViz is a next-gen 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation tool. With SuperViz, you can host virtual showings and site visits in real-world locations (or renderings) as if you and your customers were physically there together. SuperViz has all the functionality of a video conferencing app and a panoramic walkthrough—but with so much more! 

SuperViz Features:

Virtual Environments, Experienced Together
Make a connection with prospective buyers. Invite them to join you inside a 360° SuperViz scene and guide them on a tour as you would in-person. Your virtual avatars can interact with each other and with the property, experiencing the same environment, simultaneously. Greater social interaction and experiential memory making can lead to a greater emotional connection with the property—which in turn can help boost sales. 
Easy to Use & Access
SuperViz’s intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality means you can create virtual tours in a matter of seconds. Simply upload a 3-D rendering or 360° photo of your interior or link to Google Street View for exteriors. You can add any additional rooms or multimedia elements you want, then invite prospective buyers to join you “on-site” with the click of a button. SuperViz doesn’t require expensive software or hardware to use; it operates on anything with an internet connection, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and VR headsets. 
Immersive Multimedia at Your Fingertips
It’s easy to add in layers of images, notes, videos, audio clips, and external web links to your SuperViz scene. While you’re leading your virtual tour, simply click on the layer hotspots to bring up the embedded media. The hotspots can link to external marketplaces, listing details, or any other webpage of interest to your customers. 
Enhanced Sales & Customer Experience
With SuperViz tours, agents can schedule multiple walkthroughs of the same property at the same time, streamlining the sales experience. Prospective buyers can return to the SuperViz scene whenever they want to revisit them—which means more opportunities for them to share the experience with friends and fall in love with the property!