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Matterport 3D tours are increasing sales efficiency and helping build client confidence. 

Discussion of digital twins, virtual reality and all things related have spiked across the internet with the announcements about the coming metaverse. But for many in real estate, especially people already using Matterport 3D tours, these concepts are solidly ingrained.

The industry transformation is here and it’s not only real estate professionals who see the value in these new tools. Buyers and sellers have adapted to the idea of cool new technology, too.

Learn easy steps to add video conferencing to your Matterport virtual tours. Meet and collaborate directly inside your virtual tours with SuperViz for Matterport.


3D Virtual Tours Benefit Both Buyers and Sellers

According to a 2020 survey commissioned by Matterport and Redfin, 82% of home buyers agreed that 3D virtual tours provide a more accurate representation than 2D photos alone.

Buyers gave high rankings to multiple Matterport 3D tour benefits, including the ability to view floor plans, visualize layouts using a dollhouse view, and use digital tools to measure home features.

Sellers also named their top 3D virtual tour benefits: attracting more serious buyers and selling homes faster. Additional benefits that ranked high include decreasing the number of in-person visitors in their homes and closing at higher prices.

High-quality 3D virtual tours are no longer just a cool alternative option to offer clients. There’s now strong expectation from both buyers and sellers to be provided with seamless experiences in online real estate.

Tech developers are helping meet this demand with new tools. One example is improved access to platforms for the use of digital twins for design, promotion and sales of residential and commercial properties. It’s an industry transformation, with Matterport 3D tours leading the way.

Matterport provides a spatial data platform to design, build, promote and manage your buildings online. They’ve quickly become the standard for 3D virtual tours.

The Power of Video Conferencing In Matterport 3D Tours

As amazing as 3D virtual tour experiences are, there’s been one major missing piece… a sense of connection to others.

Imagine if people could join you inside your Matterport 3D tours and interact face-to-face in real time. SuperViz now meets that need. It’s a digital tool for people working in real estate to meet virtually inside remote spaces. It removes barriers of distance and time so people can actually be together and collaborate inside 3D spatial environments.

Similar to how 3D virtual tours elevated online real estate from traditional photo slides, the adaptation of integrated video conferencing is about to raise the bar again.

SuperViz provides the solution to move people from a solitary feeling of simply viewing digital space, to experiencing a fully immersive virtual environment where they can engage with others.

It’s a way to finally gain the sense of being present together in the same place… a feeling that everyone’s been missing in our new remote world. And it’s available inside Matterport 3D tours.


How to Set Up Meetings Inside Your Matterport 3D Tours

Here’s how to meet face-to-face with clients and colleagues directly inside your Matterport virtual tours: 

  1. Log in to your SuperViz and Matterport accounts. (Just Click here to log in or create a new SuperViz account.) 
  2. Open the Matterport 3D tour you want to use.
  3. Copy and paste the Matterport tour link into the project space on Superviz.

That’s all you need to do. A project dashboard appears in moments, providing full functionality of all features. One more click creates your meeting… use the button to instantly generate a shareable link for participants. SuperViz provides videoconferencing for up to 16 people inside your Matterport virtual tour.


Once inside the 3D virtual tour, everyone has full use of SuperViz meeting tools and features, including:

  • Avatars and laser pointers 
  • Screenshare
  • Meeting Recording
  • Chat
  • Embedded clickable hotspots with text, video, audio and links
  • Drag-and-drop functionality


Participants can be virtually present inside your immersive meetings from any internet-enabled device. No downloads, software or special equipment is needed.


How to Improve Engagement in 3D Virtual Tours


SuperViz for Matterport 3D tours enables integrated video conferencing so real estate professionals can engage clients more productively and streamline workflows:


Remove technology barriers for clients
Your clients don’t need an account or any technical experience to meet inside your Matterport 3D tour. They just click the SuperViz meeting link you send. Participants are instantly connected via live video conference inside your tour. No more juggling multiple platforms, calls or technical confusion. 


Save time and simplify property showings
There’s no learning curve with the platform. It only takes a few moments to start intuitively navigating the 3D virtual tour. Clients can explore on their own or follow an agent through the space like a traditional in-person showing. The ability to share camera views and answer questions on the spot saves time and simplifies the sales process for everyone.


Streamline internal workflows
Sales teams are more efficient when everyone uses the same tools. SuperViz is an all-in-one platform that solves the challenge of scheduling external calls and meetings alongside 3D virtual tours. Embedded hotspots also support easy organization of shared documents, videos and meeting notes, so everything your team needs is housed in one place. Put an end to frantic email searches in the middle of meetings.


Build client confidence in the sales process
Face-to-face engagement inside your Matterport 3D virtual tour means you can nurture relationships just like you would in person. Build trust so that clients feel confident even when the entire transaction is online. Counter sales objections more directly, and create a more efficient conversion process from the first showing to the final purchase.


The digital transformation of real estate is here, and companies who adapt the right tools position themselves to move more quickly past the competition. Exceed client expectations by demonstrating that you’re prepared with the most productive technology available. SuperViz is leading the way to help real estate professionals navigate the digital world.

Try out SuperViz for Matterport to go beyond basic 3D virtual tours. Experience the power of meeting together inside your Matterport tour by clicking here.