Take a virtual paddle with your friends 

Are you missing chill summer weekends hanging out at the lake with friends? Maybe you can’t get to your favorite paddling or swimming spot right now because of COVID restrictions. Or maybe you’re just hibernating indoors away from cold and snow, and daydreaming about summer, warm breezes, and a dip in the water.

Even if you can’t be there in person to soak up the sun, you can still use the SuperViz platform to easily set up a virtual day at the lake. Want to invite friends along? A simple link lets them remotely join you for a cold one on the shore.

We all know any day on the water is a good day. Even a virtual one. So sit back and check out the calm that rolls over you when you immerse yourself in this 360° lake scene on SuperViz…

Float the Day Away With SuperViz

Spending a day virtually at the outdoor location of your choice is easy with SuperViz. Simply upload a 360° photo (yours or one sourced from online), panoramic scene, or Google Street view, and turn it into an immersive experience. It just takes a few clicks and a little creativity. So go ahead and set up a living room picnic, prop up your feet, and enjoy a mosquito-free retreat from the warmth of home. Now every day can be lake day.

Here are a few other virtual outdoor ideas to try using SuperViz:

  • Try out a new paddling route. Use the integrated Google Street view feature to easily map it. Travel it virtually for now and save the info and details to follow it again in person in a few months.
  • Take that bucket list float trip. Plan the perfect escape for yourself in the middle of the day. Just upload photos and enjoy your dream trip with no travel costs or hassles.
  • Host a virtual dockside party. Share food and drink recipes ahead of time with friends. Then create a playlist and just kick back in the immersive scene and enjoy some time together.

Want to Make Your Own SuperViz Outdoor Scene?

You can create a virtual outdoor retreat day anywhere you like! With SuperViz, you can teleport yourself and groups of up to eight friends to wherever you want. The drag-and-drop set up feature makes the platform easy for anyone to use, and after you create your scene you just send people the invitation link. It’s as if you’re really in the space together with your friends. 

Ready to try it out? Get started at www.superviz.com.