Recreate the game day social experience in 360°

The pandemic has forced us to make a lot of sacrifices and changes to our daily lives. For sports fans, the cutback on live events has been particularly difficult. Sports are about so much more than the games. They offer social experiences that enrich our relationships with family and friends. Game day is a tradition for many, marking certain seasons and milestones during the year. Sports are also something for the whole family to enjoy, and a way to build lasting memories with your kids. 

A Creative Solution 

If you can’t go to the stadium, why not bring the stadium to you? With SuperViz’s 360° tours and video conferences, you can do just that! SuperViz is a next-gen meeting and presentation app that lets you turn panoramic images into immersive virtual spaces. Just upload an image, add optional multimedia or rooms, and invite you friends to join you. Your avatars will be instantly teleported to the virtual world, where you can interact with each other and your surroundings as if you were physically there at the same time. Pretty cool, right? 

SuperViz has a ton of creative use cases. Here are some ideas of how you could capture that game day social feeling without leaving home: 

Revisit Your Favorite Sports Memories

A lot of people have strong emotional attachments to sports arenas, and for good reason. Incredible memories are made there! If you are feeling nostalgic for your home town stadium or want to take your kids on a virtual tour of an iconic sports landmark like Wrigley Stadium, all you need is a panoramic photo. Check online to see if you can find one, then add your own multimedia photos or videos to the scene for an engaging trip down memory lane.  

Host a Virtual Tailgate Party

The best part of game day for a lot of people happens before the game even starts: tailgating with friends and family! With SuperViz, you can host a virtual tailgate within a 360° video conference. Imagine having a beer and catching up with your friends against the background of a ballpark or football stadium. It’s a lot more fun than your average video call!

Below: a SuperViz scene created using a digital rendering. Explore it on your phone, tablet, computer, or VR headset! 

Digitize Your Next Sports Outing for Posterity

Can’t find a good 360° photo of the stadium you’re looking for? No problem; you can make one yourself! Remember to take a panorama using your cell phone or tablet the next time you visit the arena in person. Then just upload it in SuperViz to make a custom tour. The project will be accessible online whenever you want to host a virtual gathering, and in the meantime you can share it with others. 

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