Step Out In Milan Without Leaving Home

Ready for some culture that’s further away than your kitchen? If you’re craving the immersive experiences that would have come from travel trips this year, it might be time for a virtual vacation break. 

Whether you had grand excursion plans that got canceled, or suddenly have a newly-found wanderlust for cultural and educational experiences away from home, virtual travel can give you a break from the nagging feeling that you’ve landed in a real life Groundhog Day movie. 

Start by checking out this 360° scene of Milan.

Did you know that Milan has the most skyscrapers of any city in Italy? Or that the Milan Cathedral is the 5th largest in the world? Construction on it took over 600 years. Travel experiences offer us so much enrichment, but we don’t have to miss out on all of it while we wait for our next trip.

Lean back, turn on some opera (if that’s your thing), and check out this immersive virtual experience of one of the most fascinating cities in the world: 

Want to set up your own virtual travel experience?

It’s easy with the right technology, even if you’re just using your phone, tablet, or computer. Sign up for a free account on SuperViz, and then simply upload a 360° photo or rendering – one of your own or from an online source (just do a search for 360° photos on the place or topic you want). You can even pull a photo from Google Streetview. 

SuperViz allows users to create and host 360° video conferences or immersive tours for groups of up to eight people simultaneously. You can even drag and drop layers of multimedia content—notes, audio, video, images, or links—to build an even more immersive experience. Invite others to join you using their internet browser, and in minutes you’ll be interacting as if you were physically there together. 

It’s fun and easy. Here are some ideas for virtual adventures that you can set up in any destination you dream of… 

Design a culinary adventure. Pick a travel region, invite friends to research and share related recipes ahead of time, then make some food in real life while you kick back virtually together in your designated travel destination.

Host a traveling global happy hour. Add a new twist to the old virtual happy hour by asking each remote guest to set up a destination project scene of their choice in SuperViz, then take turns spending time in each one while you chat over beverages. 

Plan your next real life vacation. Use SuperViz to gather your travel buddies, meet virtually inside potential travel destinations, and plan out your next real life cultural adventure together. You can even add links to share files and ideas. 

The destination options are endless when you’re on a virtual adventure. Click here to start exploring the world with your friends in SuperViz.