New technology may be the key to increasing efficiency for real estate professionals. With applications designed to increase remote collaboration in the design, construction and sales phases, it’s time to take a look at the advances in immersive virtual real estate tools.

Platforms for remote design collaboration and sales are transforming the global real estate industry. Advanced video conferencing tools and telepresence technology offer new, streamlined options for hosting location-based virtual meetings. It’s now quick and easy for nearly anyone to set up 3D models and interact with colleagues and clients as if you’re right there in the real-life space together.

Read below to learn how virtual tools and 3D tours are changing the design, construction and sales industries throughout the real estate world.


Collaborate Virtually on Real Estate Design

3D Model Meeting

Along with the real estate sales sector, construction design has the biggest potential for growth when it comes to virtual tool use. Immersive 3D tours created with modeling and renderings provide a new experience for stakeholders… the ability to visualize what a space looks like even before it’s built.

Architects, construction project managers and owners can now set up and use the newest 3D virtual platforms to video conference in real time from within the designed environment. Instead of just presenting a set of drawings, teams can meet directly within the designed space. For companies building single family homes to those with multi-unit residential and commercial construction projects, the common challenge of trying to envision an environment based on a flat drawing is solved. Teams can design more efficiently, analyze and solve issues before construction even begins.


Host Virtual Site Visits During the Construction Phase

SuperViz Construction meeting

While there are plenty of standard video conference options, when your agenda’s all about the specifics of your construction site, new immersive 3D video meetings provide a better way to view and discuss issues. Conduct virtual site visits, problem solve and share feedback, no matter where everyone’s working for the day.

Although challenges do remain when it comes to tasks like updating photos frequently enough for virtual onsite construction check-ins, technology advances have solved many other issues. There are platforms that allow simple clickable meeting access from mobile devices or laptops, making participation accessible to anyone with basic internet. Many companies running tech platforms understand the limitations of bandwidth at remote sites, and now offer tools that operate with minimal system requirements.


The newest virtual tours provide the capability both to simplify remote construction meeting processes, and to powerfully enhance collaboration through real-time location-based interaction. 


Market and Sell Real Estate With Immersive Virtual Tours

Virtual real estate tours allow agents to broaden their customer base to any place in the world. Buyers can explore, connect and fall in love with properties without leaving home.

New technology that enables telepresence allows for amazingly seamless virtual home tours. Telepresence is tech that allows a person to feel as if they’re present at a place other than their true location. It’s the difference between meeting with just an audio and video connection versus the immersive feeling of being teleported to a remote spot. For buyers it means a true experience of the environment, where they can understand the space, build an emotional connection and fully engage with realtors.

Real estate agents can even use virtual tours to help buyers experience properties that aren’t yet built. Both the interiors and exteriors can easily be represented and toured in a way that 2D drawings can’t.

One challenge with past virtual tours was the inability to replace the value of face-to-face engagement with real estate agents. With newer platforms, realtors host interactive meetings right inside the properties and can nurture client relationships just like they were present in the home together.



Whether you need leaner construction schedules and design systems to increase margins, or you want a more efficient sales process, the newest virtual tour platforms and 3D meeting tools can help. Improvements in ease of use and accessibility of technology are transforming the real estate industry, from the design phase all the way through the final sales process. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how virtual tours are increasing ROI in the real estate industry, you might like this case study featuring JFL Living, a company offering high-end residential apartments. JFL recently collaborated with SuperViz to increase sales and streamline their processes. You can read the full case study here.


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