Improve Remote Meetings For Your Construction Project Team

Virtual options for increasing productivity

There are great options these days for video conferencing, but when it comes to presenting spatial designs, most have limitations. Trying to present 3D space on flat slides or basic screen shares can feel restrictive. And the limitations become more complicated when you’re presenting remotely to stakeholders who have limited experience understanding architectural renderings.

SuperViz is an immersive video conferencing platform that’s perfect for sharing 3D renderings, collaborating on design, and providing construction project updates.

With integrated video conferencing, simple and straightforward set-up, and the ability to begin with a Matterport tour link or even 360 images, it’s a feature-rich platform with unique uses for each step of your building and real estate projects. Each meeting set-up accommodates groups of up to 16 people (230 people in Broadcast Mode), so your team can engage with each other and your clients just as they would in person.

With SuperViz, you don’t need to have the building actually constructed in order to virtually meet inside it.

Here are a few other ways SuperViz can help your team… 

Efficient and straightforward setup. Simply sign into SuperViz, name your project, and click a button to create it. Then copy and paste a Matterport tour link, or upload a 3D rendering, floorplan, or 360° photo to begin.

Organized file sharing. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to embed clickable hotspots right in the project scene of 360 tours. Everyone can easily access documents, links, photos, audio, and video files without having to search through email or drives.

Hassle-free accessibility. SuperViz operates via browser with just the click of a meeting link button. No downloads or special equipment needed.

Feedback and approvals in real time. Integrated video conferencing allows onscreen interaction while everyone is viewing the space and documents at the same time. Collaborate, make decisions, and get approval all in one meeting.

SuperViz is a feature-rich platform that’s ideal for collaboration when the location is everything.

Even during initial project stages, you need the resources to host virtual meetings that help stakeholders visualize the building’s architecture and site. While traditional video conferencing allows face-to-face discussion and screen sharing, SuperViz allows for more complex levels of engagement to improve meeting productivity and overall project efficiency.

By using digital twins, 3D renderings, floorplans, and embedded photos and documents, you create an immersive meeting experience that gives everyone a real life feeling of the future space. Instead of struggling with traditional attempts to represent 3D concepts with flat slides, you can provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of the building right from the initial planning stages.

With SuperViz, it’s like you’re “teleporting” into the same place.

In addition to the integrated video conferencing, each participant has a customized avatar that can interact directly in the project while meeting. Designers, project management, real estate teams, and clients can meet inside the virtual space as if they’re together in real life. You can take anyone on a tour inside the construction site no matter where they are. 

Additional features like laser pointers and drawing tools enable direct engagement with the project discussion and allow you to make sure everyone is focused on and understands the specs and design elements being discussed.

Integrated Google Street view in the 360 Tour Builder even allows you to take a virtual walk together outside of the building project. View and discuss neighborhood areas, geographical features, and street issues that impact the construction site. 

And once the project moves to execution and is under construction, SuperViz enables straightforward progress documentation. Updating project scenes is as simple as copy and pasting a Matterport tour link or taking panoramic photos from your phone or tablet and uploading them in SuperViz. You can also easily change out or add to your embedded multimedia files: audio recordings, text notes, images, links to other 360º  scenes, or links to documents and websites all work seamlessly as clickable hotspots. 

Ready to see SuperViz in action? Check out SuperViz to see if it’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for. 

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