With SuperViz, it’s easy to set up your own immersive virtual real estate tours using photos from a phone, tablet, or 360° camera.

Whether you use your phone to capture images or decide to go with a dedicated 360° camera, it’s simply a matter of uploading photos to SuperViz and dropping them into your project. You can make it as simple as a meeting in one room or backyard, or as in-depth as walking through multiple rooms of a property as if you’re on a tour together in the same space. You can check out this article for ideas on how realtors are using virtual property tours to increase their efficiency, sales, and safety.  

If you’re new to setting up virtual tours, you might be wondering what the difference is between panoramic photos, 360° photos, and the standard photos you’d normally take.

Here’s a quick explanation of the differences between photo types:  

Panoramic photos: These are wide-angle views of the space you’re looking at, whether indoors or outside. The photos appear as horizontally elongated images, but they don’t capture what’s above or below you. Taking a standard panoramic photo means you shoot a continuous line of images while standing in one place and turning your camera around your own axis. 

360° photos: These allow you to look into an image as if it’s spherical. They’re basically panoramic images that show every point around you in all directions from a central spot. Taking a 360° photo means that you include up and down images from where you’re standing, along with the side-to-side shots. Here’s an example:

Looks amazing, right? Here are some techniques for capturing your photos…

One of the great things about SuperViz is that even if you’re not ready to invest in a dedicated 360° camera, you can still set up gorgeous virtual tours for your clients. Check out these simple tech options for taking panoramic and 360° photos using just your phone or tablet:

Panoramic Photos

If you just want panoramic photos, your phone camera’s panoramic mode is a straightforward way to go. Open your camera app, find and select Panorama Mode, then take the photo while you follow the onscreen guide to capture the image.

360° Photos From Your Phone

There are multiple well-performing 360° photo apps available for both iOS and Android phones. Most are simple to use and have on screen directions to help you. We think the one that snaps the images together the best is Google Street View.

Google Street View’s basic steps are easy to use…

  1. Once you download and open the app, click the orange camera button
  2. Choose “Take photo sphere” and follow the onscreen directions
  3. An orange dot will appear in every location needed to complete the image
  4. Take a photo of each spot shown; then the app automatically stitches them together to create your sphere.

The best way to use your Street View photos is to save them to your camera roll and use the raw file to add them to SuperViz. Just click to drag and drop them like you would your photos from other sources.

Image Source

DSLR and 360° Cameras

If you have a DSLR camera, there are editing programs that will stitch your photos together into a 360° sphere. You’ll use a method similar to the one described above for phones to capture your images.

And if you’re ready to go all in-on 360° photography, there are specialty cameras for a few hundred dollars dedicated just to capturing these images. Like most tech, they were cost-prohibitive for a lot of people when they first came on the market, but their price decreased in the last couple years, making them a reasonable investment for your real estate photos and virtual tours.

All that’s left is to create your virtual property tour…

Once you’ve got your photos, simply log in or create your account on SuperViz, give your tour a project name, and use the drag and drop feature to add your photos. It’s as straightforward as that! Feel free to access our full walkthrough and learn more tips on how to create yours.

Check out these posts on superviz.com for more ideas and to sign up for your own free trial. 

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