360 Immersive Experience to Drive Real Estate Sales

360 Immersive Experience to Drive Real Estate Sales


Offer a 360 immersive experience to your real estate clients and gain capacity to close faster on properties while streamlining your sales process. It’s a way to reach a broader geographic audience, increase engagement and build relationships, even when everyone’s interacting remotely.


Access to easy-to-use technology increased over the last few years, and now nearly any realtor can provide a 360 immersive experience with only a small learning curve. Whether you already have properties set up for virtual 3D touring, or are just getting started with the basics, there are options for any level of technical experience.


SuperViz is an immersive meeting platform that enables quick set-up of virtual tours using Matterport digital twins, 360 images and renderings, or 3D models. 


What you need to know to guide a 360 immersive experience

If you’re new to digital real estate, you’ll find a lot of overlap between the knowledge you need for virtual showings and the skills you already use for traditional in-person tours. For example:


– Properties still need to be presented in their best light

– Features need to be highlighted to appeal to buyers

– Problems need to be explained and potential costs outlined

– Location pros and cons need to be acknowledged

– Buyers and sellers need to trust the knowledge and integrity of their agent


Some of these are actually easier to do online than in the physical world. For example, virtual staging offers more options with potentially greater appeal than physically staging homes (with way less hassle). It’s a relatively new industry, but a quick search for virtual staging companies provides you with dozens of qualified options. You can even DIY with software and a little skill development. 


You can also use a guided 360 immersive experience to highlight property features. The right full-solution virtual real estate platform will provide tools to embed documents, video, and additional close-up views to help with this. Use integrated video conferencing to meet inside 3D tours and you can even guide buyers through properties as though you’re all there together. It’s another way to interactively share a home’s special features.


Train sales teams to use 3D virtual tours 

If you manage real estate agents who use traditional in-person sales methods, or oversee new agents who need to practice sales processes, your 3D tours can be great training tools. 


Once your tours are set up online, use them to train sales team on:


  • Guiding virtual 3D tours with attention to best practices
  • Overcoming sales objections
  • Using features like embedded hotspots, avatars and screen sharing
  • Developing skills to engage clients when everyone’s remote


Check out our full article here for tips on how to use immersive virtual tours to improve your team’s sales training.


Increase sales conversions with a 360 immersive experience

Amidst all the new tech of real estate’s digital transformation, one of the biggest challenges in completing sales conversions online is still the human factor of trust.


With digital tools now available for every real estate sales phase from the first search, through property showings, all the way through the closing, it’s important to keep buyers engaged and on track.


Video conferencing inside your 360 immersive experience allows for increased face-to-face engagement with clients. It’s a way to add that missing sense of presence of being there together in the same space. Read an example of how one company used it to increase sales during the pandemic in our article here. 


Some 3D real estate platforms offer integrated Google Street View, so you can even take a virtual walk with clients to explore the neighborhood. Help them understand how the property fits into the context of the surrounding area. Offering clients the feeling of walking around together while discussing potential location issues can help build the trust you need to close sales.

Looking for new ways to provide your sales team with tools to offer a complete 360 immersive experience? Learn more about integrating video conferencing into your 3D virtual tours at SuperViz.com.