Have you ever looked at a property online and wished you could “walk through” it with someone? This is something that’s only possible with virtual apartment tours.

Virtual apartment tours add a whole new dimension of brand engagement. They provide an interactive and engaging way to show off your listing, do property walk-throughs from your laptop and show additional angles to potential clients.

Virtual apartment tours are live action video of the property with the ability to zoom in on certain features or rooms. The client can also take any angle he or she wants from a specific location.

While virtual apartment tours have been gaining in popularity in recent years, COVID made it more urgent than ever before for property managers and sales agents to go digital. People still need to find housing even during the pandemic, and virtual showings can make the process safe while valuing everyone’s time.

Decreasing unnecessary in-person showings during this time not only eases stress and scheduling issues, but can increase the overall efficiency of your leasing funnel. With all the additional complications and special procedures of the COVID era, minimizing person-to-person contact and finding new solutions for efficiency is even more important to help your residential real estate business thrive. For these reasons and more, there’s no doubt that online apartment tours will remain a critical tool in real estate in the post-pandemic era too.

How Do You Make Virtual Apartment Tours?

Setting up virtual apartment tours is easy if you use the right tools, and the added convenience for potential tenants can help get your properties rented faster. So how do you go about setting them up? And how do you overcome challenges like the lack of personal interaction?

While emailing out photos or video links gives your clients the flexibility to view the property any time they like, it lacks the personal touch of walking through the space together, highlighting special features in person, and addressing questions and concerns on the spot.The solution is to set up your virtual tours using a remote prsence platform with immersive video conferencing integration.

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The Future of Video Conferencing 

SuperViz is a next-gen 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation tool that’s perfect for hosting virtual apartment tours. With SuperViz, you can virtually “teleport” avatars of yourself and your prospective tenants into the unit, as if you were physically there together. Just create a simple link that your client clicks to enter the apartment with you, and then conduct a real-time virtual tour of the space. 

How to create virtual apartment tours?

How Do You Create Virtual Apartment Tours with SuperViz?

By being able to see each other onscreen and have a conversation while viewing the space at the same time, SuperViz allows you to go beyond a typical online showing, build relationships, and immediately capture interest.

All you need to create a SuperViz apartment tour is to upload a 360° photo or digital rendering of the property. Within a few seconds, you can add additional rooms to your tour, embed multimedia, and send out an invite to your client. The best part is that once you’ve created an immersive scene in SuperViz, you can use it again and again. 

…Adds a Whole New Dimension To Your Virtual Tours

Unlike standard video tours, with SuperViz you can embed “hotspot” layers of multimedia within your scene. This includes videos, photos, audio clips, external websites, and notes. With a laser pointer feature and drawing tools, you can point out features as you would in-person. You can also add a Google Street view of the property’s exterior to show off the neighborhood. 

…Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere

SuperViz doesn’t require any software or app downloads. All you need is a phone or tablet camera to create your virtual tour. The apartment walk-throughs are then accessible through any web-enabled device: desktops, laptops, mobiles phones, tablets, or VR headsets.

…Turns Leads into Signed Leases 

With SuperViz, you don’t have to wait for clients to view photos on an email or website. You decrease the risk that they’ll get distracted by other listings while they wait for responses back from your team. You can directly address concerns as they come up about the property, the neighborhood, the application process, and timeline. All of this adds up to more efficiently closing leads and improving your leasing funnel process.

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Why You Should Create Virtual Apartment Tours?

Although property managers and apartment hunters alike are coping with the stress of the pandemic, tools that allow for safety and physical distancing can help ease this strain. By allowing apartment hunters to tour available properties using SuperViz without ever leaving home, you add immediate value for renters and help minimize your vacancies.

If you’ve wanted to offer virtual tours of your rental properties but the idea of learning to use 360° conferencing or virtual reality made you hesitate, SuperViz’s platform is a simple straightforward option. Visit www.superviz.com to get started now!

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