Engage your customers and support your agents with the right digital tools

SuperViz helps brokerages enhance customer experience, improve sales, and reduce costs. If you’ve been looking for a virtual home tour solution that’s cost-effective and works for your entire team, SuperViz’s platform is a simple, straightforward option.

While home buyers were already increasing online search and viewing times before the pandemic hit, many of the digital options lacked key features needed for authentic interactions. Customers are not only seeking out virtual home tour options, but also want their relationships with real estate agents to reach across both digital and in-person experiences. They want to feel their needs are understood, and they expect quick responses and access to detailed information. 

For your sales agents who grew their careers knocking on doors and networking in person, converting to a virtual operating model can feel overwhelming. Learning online platforms seems complicated and daunting to agents who aren’t tech savvy. In fact, nearly half of all real estate firms name keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges they face.

Of course you want tools to keep your customers and agents safe, and with the continuing challenges of COVID and the post-pandemic era, your agents will have to meet customers where they are: in the digital world.

Now is the time to invest in the right resources for your agents to streamline the sales process and fully integrate virtual options.

A Simplified Virtual Platform for Your Entire Brokerage

SuperViz is a 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation platform that’s ideal for real estate teams. Straightforward and easy to use, it works from both the agent’s and client’s phone, tablet, or computer without requiring special equipment or downloads. Your sales team can lead live tours with clients and interact in the same virtual space.

SuperViz isn’t just another option for setting up online photo tours or meetings; it’s a unique tool that enables your agents to use the in-person sales skills they already have. It’s a platform for them to meet together with their clients just like they would in person, all while keeping everyone safe in virtual space. SuperViz helps generate qualified leads online, so when it comes to follow-up visits in real life, clients are better informed and ready to make a decision.

By providing SuperViz as a tool for your agents, you enable them to make real connections with prospective buyers. Agents simply click a button that creates an invitation link for clients to join them inside a 360° immersive house tour. Your team then guides buyers through the interior, exterior, and neighborhood as though everyone is together in person.

Here’s why SuperViz works as an all-in-one brokerage solution:

Simplified Set-Up: Take the labor time and learning curve out of setting up virtual tours.

Other platforms often have a time-consuming process requiring training and expensive, specialized equipment, but with SuperViz all you need to start creating your house tour are 360° photos or digital renderings. 

Whether you designate one administrator per team to set up the immersive virtual scenes, or have individual agents create their own listings, the process is simple and intuitive and takes minutes instead of days.

Integrated Video Conferencing: There’s no need to juggle multiple platforms or devices. 

With direct face-to-face on screen interaction, agents can confidently share their expertise, answer questions, and build relationships. All without having to learn new skills or switch between multiple forms or technology. 

If you’re using only photos or recorded video online, your agents are missing out on the opportunity to convey a home’s story and features first hand. At best your team has to scramble to supplement the interaction with phone calls or conferencing software. SuperViz bypasses this issue with integrated onscreen voice conferencing. 

Real Life Navigation: Give buyers a sense of the actual layout and flow of the home. 

Make the home tour experience feel “real” by walking with clients through the virtual space. With room scenes placed on actual floor plan renderings and straight-forward navigation cues, the SuperViz experience feels as close as possible to being in the home together.

Avatars are viewable in the virtual space, so agents and buyers can see in real time that they’re looking at the same areas and features. Additional resources like laser pointers and drawing tools help direct attention and can be used to clarify discussion points. These SuperViz features make it easy for either the agent or the client to guide the tour.

Details, Details, Details: Easily provide the specifics that clients want to know.

Use the built-in drag-and-drop tool to add as much information as you want into clickable hotspots. From appliance and building material specs to the number of outlets in each room, you can list the information that’s important to prospective buyers.

Embed videos, documents, additional views, and other links directly into the virtual space. Additional scene photos can give buyers a look inside appliances and closets, as if they were interacting in the physical space. Integrated Google Street View even allows you to take a virtual walk through the neighborhood together.

SuperViz allows you to bring technology to your agents to enable them to more productively walk through virtual tours with clients. Whether or not your team is tech-savvy, they can confidently interact with clients in SuperViz even if they’re new to virtual showings. Learning curves and training costs are reduced by the intuitive features of the platform.

Want to see it in action and try it for yourself? Visit us at www.superviz.com