Concentrated in São Paulo, JFL living specializes in offering high-end residential apartment rentals. The apartments come fully equipped and furnished, making JFL living an alternative accommodation to hotels. 

In the midst of the pandemic, JFL was unable to provide physical property walkthroughs. Therefore, a solution was needed to continue JFL’s operations and keep customers engaged in the buying process.

With SuperViz’s immersive video-conferencing technology, JFL was able to provide 360° virtual guided property tours to clients all within a web browser.

This enabled JFL and its customers to simultaneously view residential properties from anywhere.

By teaming up with SuperViz, JFL was able to reach investors in Brazil and abroad. 

SuperViz also aided in the acceleration of JFL’s growth by helping JFL’s partners become familiar with the company’s core activities and operations.


About JFL

JFL REALTY serves as a leader in the multifamily segment in Brazil and is focused on creating, developing, and making thoughtful investments in the Brazilian real estate market.

As a part of JFL REALTY, JFL living combines sophistication, luxury, and expertise throughout JFL’s entire real estate portfolio. This further enhances JFL’s position as an exclusive provider for this type of residential service in Brazil.  

The JFL living portfolio comprises over 600 tenancies of residential properties. Partners Jorge Felipe Lemann and Carolina Burg maintain the company’s pioneering in the high-end property rental industry by emphasizing the importance of care, efficiency, and cool luxury at a competitive price.


The Opportunity JFL Saw in SuperViz

JFL saw the opportunity in SuperViz as it would allow the company to continue sales remotely and expand customer reach.

“When I first came across SuperViz, I was delighted because presenting in SuperViz represents the reality of what we were selling.”  

Denise Franco, Head of Sales | JFL Living

SuperViz would provide a way for JFL to move forward in the era of remote collaboration, especially in the real estate industry.


Why JFL Chose SuperViz

JFL initially used the SuperViz for investment bankers due to coming out with a real estate investment fund. JFL later used SuperViz as a tool for its sales and marketing team. 

The ability to hold remote meetings with customers but at the same time have the experience of pointing and looking around, was one of the reasons why JFL considered SuperViz.

Working with SuperViz saved time for JFL and customers by removing the hassle of going to each place, scheduling appointments, and meeting in person.


The Challenge JFL Faced From the Pandemic

When carrying out transactions, both individual and institutional investors would go onsite to visit residential assets to understand what they are buying. However, due to the pandemic, investors were not able to visit the assets in São Paulo.

Through SuperViz, JFL was able to conduct virtual, collaborative presentations remotely. Thus, substituting the need to be physically present. 

By using SuperViz, JFL continued to attract investors despite travel restrictions.

“With Superviz, we managed to get more than 2000 people investing in JFL’s operation.” 

Rodrigo Hiltz, Head of JFL’s Institutional Equity Sales.


How SuperViz Empowered JFL’s Operations

SuperViz helped JFL access investors in Brazil and abroad who understood the product and the advantages that JFL brings to São Paulo’s real estate market. 

By using SuperViz, JFL could be more transparent with customers as presentations were conducted in real-time. This instills more confidence for customers which ends up making the decision process easier and faster.

For people who are really into details, SuperViz served as a way to assure JFL’s customers that the residential properties they were viewing were true-to-life. 

Using SuperViz made the experience of property walkthroughs more interactive and engaging.

Instead of viewing photos of residential properties, JFL could offer collaborative video meetings for customers through a single link.

“Today I don’t send photos anymore, I use SuperViz.”

Denise Franco, Head of Sales | JFL Living

Using SuperViz has helped JFL’s sales and marketing teams communicate more efficiently, and run operations more effectively.

Superviz on JFL meeting screenshot



JFL and SuperViz’s collaboration produced the following results:

– JFL’s investors and customers feeling confident during the decision-making process. 

– Over 2000 people invested in JFL’s operations.

– A greater level of transparency between the customer and JFL during presentations.

– Accelerated the growth of JFL by helping clients understand its core business.

– Allowed JFL to schedule multiple appointments. 

– JFL was able to close deals quickly.

– JFL’s sales team increased guided visits per day.

Key Takeaway: SuperViz is a convenient and innovative way for JFL to conduct guided property walkthroughs. With SuperViz, JFL could initiate collaborative video meetings with customers as if they were physically there. As a result, JFL was able to attract more investors and increase its real estate sales.

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