Soak up the sun with friends in 360°

If you live in the Northern hemisphere you’re probably bracing yourself for months of wintery weather ahead. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get away for a few minutes somewhere sunny and bright? If only there was a way to virtually teleport yourself and your friends to the beach in seconds…

A Virtual “Teleportation” Machine 

With the right technology, you can do just that! We like to call SuperViz a virtual “teleportation” machine because it allows users to instantly transport themselves and groups of up to eight people inside of immersive, 360° scenes. Care to try it for yourself? We made a sample project of beautiful Miami Beach—check it out! 

Creating a multi-scene project like this takes only a few minutes, and is easy enough for anyone to do. You simply upload a 360° photo or digital rendering (your own or one you found online), or use the integrated Google Streetview, and click the invite button to share the link with your friends. Then all that’s left to do is explore the immersive environment together, as if you were physically there! 

Here are some other fun applications to try out using the Miami Beach virtual tour or a SuperViz project of your own design:

  • Schedule a Beach Visit on the Fly: No need to call your travel agent; with SuperViz, you can take a quick break anywhere in the world, at any time, without having to worry about the boundaries of space and time. Invite your besties for a 360° video call to catch up. Get creative with the multimedia hotspot feature to enhance the immersion (how about audio of crashing waves and seagulls?) and ask your friends to bring their favorite tropical drinks. You’ll practically feel the warm sand between your toes. 
  • Escape Your Home Office: Are video conferences with your coworkers feeling stale? At this point, you might be sick of staring at the inside of your colleagues’ home offices (and your own!). With SuperViz, your ordinary work meeting can be a lot more playful. All you have to do is upload a fun 360° scene and invite your coworkers to collaborate there with you. You can add in hotspots of relevant work documents or notes, and use the drawing tool to turn the scene into a whiteboard. Your virtual office mates will appreciate the change of pace! 
  • Relive Your Favorite Vacation Spots: Have you experimented with the panorama mode on your cell phone camera? If you have panoramic photos of scenic places you’ve visited in the past, you can turn them into virtual tours with SuperViz. Just upload the photo, add in hotspots of vacation photos and other digital memorabilia, and invite your loved ones to experience it with you all over again. To enjoy the SuperViz project in 360°, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or VR headset; there’s no expensive software or hardware required. 

The beach awaits! Get started at