The fatigue everyone feels from virtual events and online training is a real thing. One way to address it is to build in blocks of time into your agenda for smaller groups to interact.

SuperViz provides an easy way to create a virtual change of scenery for your attendees. It’s a 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation platform that’s ideal for hosting breakout rooms. With SuperViz, you can virtually “teleport” your participants into actual locations, as if they were physically there together. Ready to offer something unique that’s not just a video conference with fewer people in it?

Add a Whole New Dimension to Small Group Experiences

It’s easy to set up a cool virtual location for small groups to take a break or hold discussions in. All you need is a 360° photo to get started. You can use photos from the integrated Google Street View feature, upload one of your own, or find one online. With no travel time or expenses involved, your imagination’s the only limit! Choose anything from relaxing outdoor locations like lakes or beaches, to famous landmarks and cultural spots.

Here are a few ideas for using SuperViz to give attendees a rest from large group online events and keep them engaged:

  • Virtual coffee breaks 
  • Small group discussions
  • Icebreaker activities 
  • Networking time
  • Mini workshops
  • Skills practice

Building small group time into your conference allows you to hold participants’ attention longer because it breaks up the monotony of long stretches of standard screen time. It also helps people create stronger connections. By engaging with each other onscreen in a unique virtual location, SuperViz allows you to go beyond a typical online event, build relationships, and boost motivation.

Here’s what you need to know to create small group sessions with SuperViz:

Straightforward Set Up: All you need to start creating a SuperViz immersive virtual meeting space is a 360° photo. Upload your own, find one online, or choose one using the integrated Google Street View feature. Within seconds, your space is up and running. 

You can even ask each team to collaborate ahead of time on their project scene. Make it an opportunity for people to get excited about the whole event. The best part is that once you’ve created an immersive scene in SuperViz, you can use it again and again.

Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere: SuperViz doesn’t require any software or app downloads. All you need is a phone or tablet camera to create your virtual meeting space. The locations are then accessible through any web-enabled device: desktops, laptops, mobiles phones, tablets, or VR headsets.

There’s a built-in “Create Meeting” button inside each SuperViz project. Clicking it creates a simple shareable link that your participants use to enter the breakout location. 

Clickable Hotspots: Unlike more standard video conferencing platforms, with SuperViz you can embed “hotspot” layers of multimedia within the scenes of your virtual meeting locations. This includes videos, photos, audio clips, external websites, and notes. There’s an easy-to-use drag and drop feature for adding these right into the space.

It’s a great way to add breakout discussion questions, icebreaker instructions, or a video intro to help guide the conversation. This allows leaders to leave directions in each group – so participants will know what to do without having to remember it all from an earlier presentation.

Discussion Tools: SuperViz includes all the traditional video conferencing necessities like screen sharing and a sidebar chat area, and the good news is that we offer even more ways to increase dialogue and engagement. A laser pointer and drawing tools enable participants to highlight areas of a scene or document during discussions. 

In addition, each participant has an onscreen avatar that can move around the virtual location. It’s a unique addition that allows each person to see where others are looking, just as they would if everyone was together in real life.

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