Spend a family fun day exploring Ancient Egypt

Are your kids into archaeology? Stories about ancient Egyptian mythology? Do they love using technology to create fun things?

Even though you’re probably spending a lot of family time at home right now, you can still give everyone adventures into the outside world through amazing virtual field trips.

With SuperViz, you and your kids can work together to create an immersive online learning experience. Help them supplement their in-school or distance learning projects, or just add some new engaging activities to the day.

Check out this immersive scene and take your family on a field trip through time to Ancient Egypt… 

Create Your Own Virtual Field Trip With SuperViz

Simply upload a 360° photo (yours or one sourced from online) or a 3D rendering to start your project. You then have the option of adding in different types of photos and other media to make your scene come to life. It’s easy to upload 360° photos, panoramic views, or even pull straight from the integrated Google Street View feature in the site.

Clickable hotspots within the scene allow you to drag and drop features like voice recordings, videos, slide shows, text, or links. You can search online for ideas to add to your project, or just create your own from scratch.

Check out the list below for more virtual educational ideas using SuperViz:

Create a fun family adventure. Kids can pick a location anywhere in the world and set up a field trip to lead family through. It’s a great opportunity for them to share what they’ve learned in school. 

Collaborate with friends. Start a project in SuperViz and then share the link with friends in your learning pod or neighborhood. Kids can work together to add components to the project and then take turns playing tour guide.

Bring relatives together in a virtual location. Come together as a family to select a fun location and then invite relatives to join you inside the site. One shareable meeting link allows you to virtually shorten the distance between family members.

Make it artistic. Help kids set up a 3D scene and then embed video recordings or photos of their art. Let their imaginations go wild while they create a multimedia virtual exhibit that they can invite friends and family to.

Create Your Own SuperViz Project

SuperViz offers an easy-to-use platform for all kinds of fun education projects. You can use it to virtually explore the world for a change of scenery with the whole family, or travel to destinations you have only dreamed of. With SuperViz, you can make your projects as simple or complex as you like, so the only question is: how creative will you get?

Check out www.superviz.com to get started.