Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Mean a Lonely Holiday 

Thanksgiving is the start of the U.S. holiday season, and a time to bring family and friends together to show appreciation for life’s bounty. This simple tradition brings comfort and togetherness to so many. Alas, the pandemic makes this year’s Thanksgiving a lot more complicated. 

Will social or geographic distance keep you from your loved ones this holiday? You can still build a meaningful connection on Thanksgiving day—all you need is an internet connection, a little creativity, and SuperViz!

Host a Virtual Holiday Gathering in Minutes

SuperViz is a next-gen, immersive video conferencing and presentation tool that allows groups of up to eight people to interact in one 360° scene simultaneously. Creating a scene is as easy as: 1) upload a panoramic photo or rendering; 2) add additional rooms or multimedia hotspots if desired; and 3) send an invite to your friends. In minutes, you can “teleport” your guests into an immersive virtual scene, real or imagined.  

The potential applications of SuperViz are limitless! Here are two creative ways you could celebrate Thanksgiving remotely with SuperViz: 

Create a Digital Thanksgiving Table

Love hosting Thanksgiving dinner? With SuperViz, you can bring guests from around the world together. Want to show off your festive tablescape? Take a panoramic photo of your dining room and use that as your scene’s backdrop. Or if you prefer a lower-stress option, choose any place on earth using Google Street View, or upload a panoramic photo of any autumn scene.  You may not be physically dining together, but with 360° immersion and videoconferencing, you’ll be able to break bread and make lasting memories together! 

Host a Cozy Virtual Friendsgiving 

So-called “Friendsgiving” celebrations have been rising in popularity in recent years, which makes sense; Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a break from your busy life and catch up with your best friends. With SuperViz, you can get the gang back together over a glass of wine in the cozy interior of your dreams, or explore far-flung destinations together. Host a special immersive experience that your friends will be talking about for years! 

How Will You Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year? 

SuperViz is a fun, simple tool that anyone can use to host a virtual Thanksgiving gathering. So what are you waiting for? Give thanks together, no matter how far apart you are this year. 

Give SuperViz a Try Here and Create a Meeting for Your Gathering.