SuperViz SDK discussion of real-time synchronization

Real-Time Synchronization: the SuperViz SDK

SuperViz SDK discussion of real-time synchronization

Now there’s an easy way to build real-time synchronization for collaboration, presentations, guided tours and more, directly inside 3D web applications.

The SuperViz SDK enables multi-person telepresence as well as the ability to sync custom properties in meeting rooms – including 3D models, 2D content, States, Selections, Objects and anything else needed.

SuperViz CEO and Co-founder, Russ Rive, and VP of Engineering Tommy Lindestrøm, sat down for a series of conversations about the value of creating immersive experiences with a sense of presence. Here they discuss the benefits of building a collaboration layer with real-time synchronization.

Real-Time Synchronization vs. Screen Sharing

Build in immersive collaboration with real-time sync and you gain multiple benefits — for example, eliminating the need to screen share.

“With options like SuperViz, the whole visualization engine is loaded natively inside of everyone’s location. So each person is loading and rendering their own version of the browser of the 3D space, leading to perfect quality. It’s a huge jump in the quality of the experience and the quality of the visual,” says Rive.

Utilizing real-time synchronization means customers can access more efficient collaboration workflows while staying on your platform, eliminating slow-downs and poor performance… 

  • Screen share from a video conference sends only one point of view. There’s no sense of the other person being with you. 

  • Inferior image quality is frequent with screen sharing. Resolution is low and you get pixelation, especially if anyone has a choppy internet connection.

  • The need to screen share is an extra step that leads to customers juggling multiple tools. Syncing in real time provides a streamlined solution in a single platform.

What’s really exciting about this is that it’s more than just adding collaboration. It sounds sci-fi, but you’re building a virtual teleportation machine. Your web app becomes a space, a location, a place where people go and hang out, where they discuss projects as if they were there together,” Rive says. 

Add feature-rich immersive meetings, integrated collaboration, and guided tours with the SuperViz SDK. It’s the simplest way to add real-time interaction inside digital spaces with a sense of presence.

Getting started is easy. The SuperViz pricing structure provides maximum freedom and flexibility during product build-out and testing. There is no charge for the Starter plan which is designed for use during the development phase.


Learn more and request access at SuperViz SDK and API. 

SuperViz Cofounder Russ Rive and VP of Engineering Tommy Lindestrom inside a SuperViz immersive meeting

Why we built the SuperViz SDK and API

SuperViz Cofounder Russ Rive and VP of Engineering Tommy Lindestrom inside a SuperViz immersive meeting

The SuperViz SDK is designed to be the easiest way to add immersive collaboration with video conferencing and avatars to any 3D web application with just a few lines of code.

It enables people to meet directly inside remote locations and 3D content. All via browser.

We sat down with SuperViz CEO and Cofounder, Russ Rive, and VP of Engineering  Tommy Lindestrøm, for a series of conversations about the value of creating immersive experiences with a sense of presence and the benefits of building collaboration into web applications.

Here they share the backstory on the SuperViz SDK development: 

The SDK is fully customizable – companies can focus on building just the features they need, including:

  • Automatic multiplayer-enabled integration with avatars, pointers and controls
  • A full-function video conference layer for 16 people
  • Synchronized app properties in real time between meeting participants
  • Flexible avatar support for glb and GLTF models
  • Broadcast mode for up to 230 participants
  • Developer dashboard with detailed usage statistics and management

“When we first started the company a few years ago, there was an idea of creating something like an experience of teleportation with photo scans of a real-life location, or a designed virtual location, with the added ability to meet together remotely inside that digital space as if they were together,” says Rive.

The concept was to keep the advantages of meeting remotely, plus provide a sense of presence and enable each person to move around with an independent point of view. All with the ability to look and point and discuss as if they were really together in the space. 

The team realized early on that it needed to be something easy to access, easier than virtual reality at the time, so the tool was created to run in browsers and be accessible to everyone. The first approach was to create a space where people uploaded 360 photos and digital scans and had the capacity to activate embedded video conferencing meetings inside them, complete with avatars and freedom to move around the virtual space.

“The biggest request we got by far, though, was for us to make this work as an embedded feature inside customers’ platforms,” Rive shared. “It turns out the idea of immersive collaboration in 3D space is a very distributed problem.”

“And everyone’s process is a little bit different. Everyone’s got their tool, everyone’s got their scans… some people are already using a tool that has their workflow process built into it. And that’s when we started building integrations to support that.”

SuperViz’s approach with this was to start building for the most requested integrations… Matterport, BIM models, Sketchfab, 360 content. But that quickly became an endless list and a huge project for the team to maintain.

“So we started looking at how to enable other platforms and web applications that have 3D space data represented, to have these features inside of it, to make it really easy for other people to add this inside of their own product,” Rive says. 

That’s when the idea to create a SuperViz API and SDK came about, along with a much bigger mission – the concept that anyone out there that has a 3D application with a web viewer can turn it from single player into a collaborative, multiplayer experience with a sense of presence.

“Our next part of the goal then became, how can we make that so easy that someone within a week, one reasonably good developer could get the code, get it up, and have a proof of concept running in the application quickly.”

The integration can be up and running with just a few lines of code. It provides the simplest way to increase engagement by adding the capacity for real time face-to-face interaction inside digital spaces. 

Learn more at

SuperViz immersive meeting inside Matterport digital twin

Full Bars Media + SuperViz: A look at immersive meetings for real estate

Steven Caban, Founder and Creative Director of Full Bars Media, recently sat down with SuperViz Cofounder and CEO Russ Rive to discuss the benefits of immersive meetings for real estate.

Watch the video clip from their virtual tour inside a Full Bars project as Steven shares how he can use SuperViz to help brokers increase sales and commissions.

Full Bars Media helps real estate and home service businesses grow their brand. They provide cinematic real estate video production and elevated branding. Visit their site at

Interested in trying out immersive meetings for real estate? Sign up here for a free 14-day trial of SuperViz.

SuperViz immersive meeting inside a 3D model for AEC

When should you use immersive meetings?

SuperViz immersive meeting inside a 3D model for AEC

Immersive meetings enable people to meet remotely with a sense of presence when a space or location is the subject of the meeting.

They take remote meetings beyond standard video conferencing – participants still see each other and speak face-to-face via webcam, but also add independent freedom of movement and engagement with the digital space.

It’s like a group virtual teleportation experience, and with the addition of customized avatars, you and your meeting guests can feel even more like yourselves when meeting remotely.

SuperViz provides a shared immersive experience directly via browser, without the need for headsets or downloads. It takes us closer to feeling like we’re together anywhere, any time, no matter where everyone’s physically located.

Using immersive meetings is the best option when you need to…

– Provide a guided tour instead of just sending a link. Curate and lead participants through a tour, property showing, presentation or any other experience, just like you’re there together in the physical space.

– Increase efficiency with synchronous remote collaboration. Streamline workflows, save time on follow-up, and find issues earlier by collaborating face-to-face in real time inside 3D models. 

– Simplify meetings that involve spatial content like 3D models or digital twins. Host guided one-click meetings directly inside your projects with everyone you need, even if they don’t have technical experience.

– Help people visualize a space that isn’t built yet. Providing a way for participants to move virtually around the model enables a greater understanding of what the physical space will be like.

– Create more equitable and accessible processes. Provide a way for all stakeholders to be included in building design and community planning by enabling them to join immersive presentations via browser from anywhere. 

– Demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability. Add virtual immersive meetings as part of your proposals and workflow to show support for energy, climate, and sustainability mandates. 

The SuperViz platform takes single-person experiences in 3D spaces and transforms them into collaborative multi-person environments for immersive meetings. The only thing you have to do to host a meeting is add your content and then click to create an invitation link.

You can meet instantly inside existing spaces such as 3D CAD files, Sketchfab 3D models, Matterport digital twins, and 360º images, or integrate SuperViz API or SDK into your own platform.

Explore SuperViz with a free trial or reach out any time to learn more about incorporating immersive meetings into your workflow.

SuperViz immersive meeting for remote BIM collaboration

How to Make Remote BIM Meetings More Effective With SuperViz

SuperViz immersive meeting for remote BIM collaboration

The verdict’s in! Immersive video conferencing is improving the way people engage and understand projects.

SuperViz enables remote meetings directly inside 3D models. All participants have webcams plus freedom of movement throughout the space using customized avatars. Everything operates via browser with clickable meetings links. No downloads are necessary and only the meeting host needs an account.

You can meet and discuss issues directly inside 3D models, increasing productivity and efficiency, with fewer follow-up calls to manage later.

SuperViz CEO and Cofounder Russ Rive recently gave an interview demonstrating key features of the platform for project meetings. Check out the recording below for ideas on using guided features like Follow, Gather-all, and Go-to, along with other tips for hosting impactful remote BIM meetings.

SuperViz offers free consultations on how to incorporate immersive meetings into your workflow.
Click here to schedule now.

SuperViz immersive meeting inside 3D model for construction

How Real Estate Developer Kallas Group Saved Over $2.5M With SuperViz

SuperViz immersive meeting inside 3D model for construction

Kallas Group, a real estate developer in São Paulo, Brazil, is a leader in innovation advances for the civil construction market. Using SuperViz immersive meetings during the validation process has helped accelerate their construction project timelines, decrease rework, and cut costs.

SuperViz provides a way to bring people together remotely but with the advantages of real-world interaction, to identify potential problems earlier in the construction process. Using this method, Kallas Group is able to reduce project risk, resolving issues more quickly and with less expense. 

Design Validation in the Construction Process

When project teams can come together early in the construction process, they’re able to find deficiencies and can solve them before the issues are repeated in additional units. Not finding these problems multiplies costs and delays project timelines, negatively impacting returns.

It’s frequently not feasible to bring together entire teams in the physical location early enough for successful validation at the ideal timeline point (travel, cost and time limitations, capacity issues in the actual physical space). Additionally, during pre-build phases, many vendors and contractors don’t have access or knowledge to the technology needed.

“The use of model apartments in civil construction, for the validation of design solutions, brings benefits to the final result of the units delivered to customers, as it reduces waste and encourages good practices in construction. However, when this validation does not occur in a timely manner to correct the failures, it causes delays in the final deadline of the work, inserts costs with rework, generates waste and, as a consequence, burdens the planned budget of the project.” (Kallas Group, 2022) 

“As Kallas Group has observed, and in line with W.R. de Sitter’s ‘law of fives,’ an issue becomes increasingly more expensive to fix as a project progresses through construction phases. Changing the position of an electrical outlet, for example, might cost $1 in the design phase, $5 during prototyping, $25 after construction starts, or five times more if it’s even later in the process,” shares Russ Rive, SuperViz CEO and Cofounder.

SuperViz Immersive Meetings as a Solution During Validation

Kallas Group uses SuperViz immersive video conferencing directly inside models and digital twins, gaining the ability to host critical meetings earlier in the project. With SuperViz they’re able to bring together plumbers, electricians, structural engineers, and other specialists during the validation phase of a design, enabling them to look around and interact as though they’re in the actual space.

These remote meetings make projects accessible to stakeholders earlier and with more ease than trying to gather in a physical space. The meetings also benefit participants without technical experience or who don’t have access to project software. They can easily join SuperViz  meetings with a single click and don’t need to juggle multiple platforms or work with heavy files. Travel time and costs are eliminated, along with avoiding the challenge of planning gatherings during up-and-down phases of the pandemic.

The Impact: Over $2.5 Million Saved

In one year, Kallas Group saved over $2.5 million thanks to using SuperViz during early-issue remediation.

Kallas’ SuperViz ROI study included 18 building projects with over 2,000 apartments where SuperViz was used. They also noted additional savings due to maintenance and rework issues that were avoided.

 “From the first validations, new uses for the models were identified with SuperViz, such as validation of walls and floors. Now our teams can compare results from design phase validations with the digital twin from Matterport, for cost savings and better use of assets.”

– Ana Clara Gamarra, Innovation Specialist at Kallas Group.

SuperViz takes single-player 3D spaces and transforms them into collaborative multi-player environments. It enables streamlined immersive video conferencing inside spatial content including 3D CAD models, 360° tours, Matterport digital twins, and Sketchfab 3D models. 

Click here to schedule a demo and learn more about SuperViz immersive meetings for construction and design.


Meet inside SuperViz with custom 3D avatars


We’re excited to announce the release of 3D avatars in SuperViz immersive meetings. All SuperViz account holders can now create customized avatars to meet, collaborate and present in 3D space.

“It’s another step on the road to the long-term vision of building a group virtual teleportation platform with full immersion. It’s a way to feel like yourself in the digital space. This takes us closer to being anywhere, any time, and feeling like everyone’s actually there together,” shares SuperViz Cofounder and CEO, Russ Rive.

SuperViz takes single-player 3D spaces and transforms them into collaborative multi-player environments. It enables streamlined immersive video conferencing inside spatial content including Matterport digital twins, 3D CAD models, and 360° tours. Partners will soon be able to use the SuperViz SDK to bring immersive meetings to their own spatial content products too. 

The addition of personalized avatars will increase the sense of presence inside SuperViz meetings even further.

“SuperViz had webcams, the ultimate avatar, already, and now with the addition of customizable 3D avatars, we’re adding a more personal experience to immersive meetings,” says Rive.

“Previously, participants focused on the 3D scene in the meeting, the next step now is to see each other and appear in the meeting the way you want to represent yourself.”

Created through a partner integration with Ready Player Me, personal avatars are generated in a few moments from a selfie or photo upload in the SuperViz dashboard.

  • There are also premade avatars to choose from, and hundreds of customization options. 
  • Customers will see a prompt to create their avatar once logged into their accounts. An intuitive interface guides the short process.
  • Once they’re created, personalized avatars are automatically saved and appear in all your SuperViz meetings.
  • You can edit your avatar any time by clicking the account button on the top right of your dashboard screen.

Meeting guests without a SuperViz account will be able to select between several premade avatar options when entering a meeting.

“We’ve been working to build out the platform for optimized functionality and performance, and now that these other technologies are catching up, we can incorporate features like cooler avatars without sacrificing performance. Our roadmap includes continuing to incorporate new technologies as they become available and feasible,” states Rive.

SuperViz continues to be a leader in connecting metaverse applications to real-world productivity. Personalized avatars are another step forward, supporting connection in remote work by helping us represent who we are in digital space.


Start using your avatar in SuperViz meetings by logging in to your account and following the prompts. If you don’t have an account, you can click here to access a free 14-day trial.


How the Metaverse is Improving Real-World Business


Is SuperViz a metaverse company?

How do SuperViz immersive meetings and the metaverse fit together?

Questions like these have become some of the most frequent we get asked.

Buzz about the metaverse seems to have found its way to every corner of the internet this year. There are strong opinions in all directions, but no matter where you stand on it, one thing is clear – the metaverse is already impacting how companies do business.

A recent Time article, by metaverse expert Matthew Ball shared the following:

“Already, nearly a hundred million people a day log onto… platforms that operate tens of millions of interconnected worlds, which support a consistent virtual identity, virtual goods, communications suites, and can be accessed from most devices. Most time in these platforms is spent on leisure—playing games, attending concerts—but we are starting to see people go further.”

SuperViz fits into the latter of those things, that is, the ways that people are taking metaverse applications beyond gaming and social experiences, to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and streamline workflows.

The Time article goes on to describe companies as “busy preparing for the metaverse… reorganizing internally, rewriting their job descriptions, reconstructing their product offerings, and prepping multi-billion-dollar product launches.”

As the leading telepresence platform for meeting inside virtual spaces, SuperViz is an integral tool for customers who are building metaverse strategies. 

SuperViz enables immersive video conferencing that takes single-player 3D spaces and turns them into collaborative multi-player environments. Participants use webcams and avatars to meet remotely to collaborate, present, and sell with a sense of presence that was previously missing from virtual interaction.

“Our mission to improve global access to remote collaboration and connection where a location is the subject, is a perfect fit for companies looking for ways to leverage the metaverse,” says Russ Rive, SuperViz CEO and Cofounder. “Anyone, anywhere can connect remotely with a sense of presence, to conduct business, sell, and collaborate in digital space as if they were really there together.” 

At Superviz, the most anticipated aspect about the rise of metaverse-type experiences is not in the consumer social or gaming possibilities, but in the opportunity to help teams improve how they get things done in real life. 

SuperViz delivers real-time meetings, guided tours, and remote collaboration for any 3D experience, for any industry, at a global scale.

Set-up is simple and intuitive even for people new to the technology. Seamless integrations with Matterport, Sketchfab, Autodesk’s Forge, and access to SuperViz’ own 360° Tour Builder offer dozens of ways to instantly host immersive meetings inside spatial content. 

Partners will soon be able to use the SuperViz SDK to bring immersive meetings to their own spatial content products, too

“It’s almost like we’re creating a virtual teleport machine inside of a web browser. We deliver the sensation of meeting with other people inside a space while giving them the digital tools they need to collaborate, solve challenges, and get work done.

SuperViz enables the metaverse with collaboration and developer tools, and our platform is gaining traction because there’s immense business value and real ROI,” states Rive.

“Yes, the metaverse can seem daunting, if not outright scary, but this moment of change is our chance to bring people together, to transform industries that have resisted disruption, and to build a more equal global economy,” says Ball’s Time article.

How we work and connect remotely is evolving as the metaverse develops, and SuperViz is leading the way in helping businesses use those advances to improve productivity.

Get a free 1:1 consultation to learn more about integrating spatial video conferencing into your metaverse strategy. Click here to schedule. 


SuperViz guided virtual tour inside Matterport digital twin

Quick Tip: Use the SuperViz “Follow Me” Function to Guide Matterport Tours

SuperViz guided virtual tour inside Matterport digital twin

SuperViz makes it easy to have context-specific conversations inside remote locations. Immersive real estate tours inside Matterport digital twins are a great example of this. 

Turn a Digital Twin into a Guided Virtual Tour

With just a few clicks, real estate agents and clients can meet virtually inside a Matterport digital twin. The idea is to recreate being there together, not just send someone a Matterport tour link and then ask them afterward what it’s like. It would be like taking someone down the street and telling them, “take a look at a house, call me when you’re done,” versus a more productive agent-guided tour.

We’ve created a simple system that’s very similar to video conferencing, but it’s designed for meetings when the location is the subject, when being there together is important. Almost as if it was a mini group-teleportation machine running in a browser. The idea that we would love to meet some way remotely, but really have the sense of presence and talk about it. That’s what SuperViz really tries to recreate. It gives a sense of presence remotely in 3D content.” – Russ Rive, SuperViz Cofounder and CEO

SuperViz provides a way for realtors and clients to go into the property together, and the platform’s independent camera views mean that everyone is free to look around like they would in a real world situation.

How to Use the Follow Me Function in Matterport Tours

Specially designed SuperViz Guide Features like the Follow Me function, along with avatars and laser pointers, provide additional tools to keep virtual tours on track.

Check out this quick demo clip to learn how to use Follow Me inside a Matterport digital twin: Matterport and SuperViz for Real Estate 

Follow Me is initially activated by the host in a meeting, but can then be used by any participant. Everyone still has freedom to look around independently even when the function is in use, so it really simulates what it’s like to provide an in-person guided tour. 

Joining a virtual tour using SuperViz is easy, even for those without strong technical experience.

“If someone’s never heard of SuperViz, even though it feels like a metaverse avatar application, if someone hasn’t experienced that before and you invite them to a meeting, they simply open the web link, allow access to the camera and microphone as if they were joining any video conferencing system and that’s it. They’re in. They’re there. There’s nothing to download or to install to start using it,” explains Rive.

Click here to schedule a 1:1 demo and learn more about how SuperViz can help improve engagement in your virtual tours.

SuperViz broadcast mode in 3D content

New Release: SuperViz Broadcast Meetings

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest platform update – SuperViz Broadcast. It enables amphitheater-style immersive meetings in 3D projects. Users can now host over 200 people in one meeting, breaking open our previous max of 16 participants. 

“Many of our customers have requested hosting larger audiences, everything from company all-hands and internal training events, to museum and architectural walk-throughs,” says SuperViz CEO and Co-Founder Russ Rive. “It’s a fantastic feature for anyone who needs to host remote interactive presentations where a location is the subject.”

How SuperViz Broadcast Works

The Broadcast feature is active in all SuperViz projects including Matterport, Sketchfab, 3D CAD models, and 360° Tour Builder.

Customers will notice there are now three options when they click the “Create Meeting” icon in a project.

  1. Select from Start Instant Meeting, Create Meeting for Later, or Create Broadcast Meeting. Click the Broadcast option to get a pop-up with shareable meeting links for presenters and the audience. This also generates an email to the host containing a copy of the links and directions. 
  2. Use the Presenter link to invite up to 16 people to share leadership in the meeting. Participants that enter with this link have webcams, microphones, and avatars activated.
  3. The Audience link can be shared with up to 230 people. Audience link participants do not have webcams, microphones, or avatars activated. Audience participants can use the chat to communicate. They can also move through the space and look around independently. 


All SuperViz meeting features are available in Broadcast, including:

  • Follow mode can be activated by the host and provides a way for everyone in the meeting to follow the selected presenter.
  • Go-to enables anyone in the meeting to click the webcam of a presenter and jump to their position in 3D space.
  • Recordings are from the host’s point of view can be saved and shared once the meeting has ended.
  • Screen sharing is available to all presenters and viewable by everyone in the meeting.

SuperViz Broadcast is now activated for free for a limited time for all SuperViz customers.

If you don’t yet have an account, click here to sign up for a free 14-day trial

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