Whether you’re ready to transform your physical showroom into a fully online experience for your construction and building clients, or you want a temporary solution to recoup business from canceled trade shows, you need the right virtual marketing tools to make it happen.

With the pandemic continuing to pose barriers to in-person gatherings, now is the time to jump in and fully utilize digital marketing options to complement or replace your physical sales space. If you’ve been searching for a platform to boost your digital sales experience, the good news is that creating a virtual showroom has never been easier. 

Showcase Your Products With an Immersive Virtual Experience

SuperViz is an all-in-one solution that gives you everything you need to create a feature-rich virtual showroom. It’s a next-gen 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation tool that’s perfect for showcasing real estate, building, and construction products and hosting meetings with customers. With SuperViz, you can virtually “teleport” avatars of yourself and your clients into the showroom, as if you were physically there together.

With COVID restrictions on physical showrooms, trade shows canceled well into the future, and clients still hesitant about in-person interaction, you can use your virtual showroom to fill in marketing and sales gaps. Help your sales team emerge stronger than ever post-pandemic by providing them the digital tools they need for meeting customer needs now.

With SuperViz you can:

  • Quickly and easily set up your virtual showroom. Just upload a 360° photo or digital rendering of your tradeshow booth or sales floor.
  • Showcase different product lines across multiple set-ups. You can create individual rooms or booths that flow into each other, just like your physical location.
  • Provide an immersive experience. Embed additional photos, renderings, links, documents, video, or audio throughout the space to demonstrate product features and provide specs. 
  • Interact directly with your customers on screen. By being able to see each other and view products together at the same time, you can take your customers beyond a typical online sales page experience.

Because SuperViz doesn’t require any software or app downloads, it’s easily accessible to all of your customers. Your sales team just sends a link to their client, and then they can interact in the space using any web-enabled device: desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or VR headsets. It’s like your customers and sales team are in the same space to carry on conversations just like they would in person. 

Create a Feature-Rich Experience for Your Customers

You can embed as much product information as you like in your SuperViz showroom. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to add layers of information directly to the scene. Use the built-in laser pointers and drawing tools to highlight features during sales presentations. With the capabilities available in SuperViz, you can easily show how your product functions in a real-world environment.

Add clickable hotspots anywhere in the virtual showroom to place:

  • Sales brochures
  • 3-D renderings
  • Downloadable product spec sheets
  • Links to web content
  • Additional product photos and graphics
  • Pre-recorded video demonstrations
  • Client testimonials
  • And more!

Once you’ve created your immersive showroom scene, you can use it again and again. Updates are easy because you can completely control the space. You can even use it for your virtual sales team training.

Sales visits are easy to schedulejust send out a meeting invite to your customer using a simple shareable meeting link. You can meet with up to eight people in the virtual showroom at the same time, opening up additional marketing options like hosting exclusive events, private invitations to product launches, and small-group educational sessions.

The Future of Video Conferencing

SuperViz is the leader in helping vendors create meaningful virtual experiences. From the real estate industry to sales of construction and building products, the tools available in the platform will help you strengthen customer relationships. Create a virtual showroom now that will help you close more sales while keeping your team safe during the pandemic. 

If the idea of learning to use 360° video conferencing or virtual reality made you hesitate in the past, SuperViz is a simple and intuitive option that will support your company’s growth—now and post-pandemic.  

Visit www.superviz.com to learn more!