BIM 3D model

BIM 3D Model Options to Improve Remote Collaboration

BIM 3D model usage streamlined construction management workflows, but what’s next for digital transformation in the industry?

From improvements in remote collaboration to visualization of pre-construction projects, BIM modeling transformed the roots of how the industry operates. Architects, designers, engineers and construction project teams continue to reduce costs by saving time and improving resource management. 

With the notoriously tight budgets and timelines needed to maintain ROI on construction projects, BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling, is an industry innovation that caught on quickly. The ability to decrease timelines and increase returns means it’s a solution worth investing in.

Creating virtual 3D models with collaborative data environments provides a more efficient workflow throughout entire projects. Building information modeling also supports improved communication by housing all project information in one place. 

This level of collaboration is what makes 3D modeling ideal for streamlining design and build processes. New technology that helps teams communicate more directly within projects continues to improve remote collaboration.


Immersive Video Conferencing Inside a BIM 3D Model

Developing quicker, easier-to-use remote communication tools is key for continuing growth. Being able to meet as though you’re in the pre-built space together speeds processes and avoids confusion. The addition of immersive video conferencing inside a BIM 3D model gives everyone from engineers to contractors a straightforward way to understand each phase of the project. 

SuperViz provides direct uploads of 3D models and also includes integrated video conferencing. It’s a platform that makes face-to-face meetings easy even when everyone’s working from different physical locations. Decision-making is immediate because everyone’s viewing the space and discussing issues in real-time in the BIM 3D model. It saves time and prevents re-work.


Check out this sample project for a demonstration of what it feels like to meet with immersive video conferencing inside your 3D model:


Virtual walk-throughs with video conferencing inside your 3D model during the design phase help find problems and avoid mistakes and over-runs later. It provides an avenue for real-time discussion on modifications, from plumbing and electrical to structural supports and materials.

Safety issues are more likely to get noticed early when teams can review and discuss plans together inside a BIM 3D model. When you use integrated video conferencing you feel like you’re physically there together, and can tour the pre-built space just like you’d walk around the finished building. The whole team can access, observe and share information together throughout the development, design and building phases.


Virtual Collaboration Inside Building Information Models Helps Planning 

Streamlining schedules and costs during the planning stages is essential to all construction project success. Strengthen the process with the use of virtual collaboration tools like video conferencing and you’ll increase returns even further. Real-time discussions inside the BIM 3D model provide for:

  • The ability to carefully review cost estimates as a team
  • Labor cost savings when documents are shared efficiently in virtual meetings
  • Reduced waste of resources due to better initial project overviews
  • Increased communication and coordination with subcontractors
  • Fewer schedule setbacks because problems are found ahead of time
  • Improved workflows when errors are found and minimized during pre-build


Meet and Share Ideas Inside Your BIM 3D Model 

Integrating immersive video conferencing with your BIM 3D model also allows clients and other stakeholders to participate in the pre-build phases.

The SuperViz interface is so straightforward, operating from any wi-fi enabled device with no downloads, that everyone you need can easily join the meeting. It simplifies the process for anyone who doesn’t normally work in 3D software.

Imagine meeting your plumber or other non-technical tradesperson who has no background with 3D modeling. With the click of a link, they enter and walk around with you inside the virtual space with no technical training. Move around and view the space together to take measurements, section cuts, and other tasks just like you were really there together.

SuperViz provides the ability to follow someone around inside the BIM 3D model, just like you’d show them through a built physical property. Anyone you invite can explore the model. They can even jump into another person’s camera view to share perspective on an exact physical point.

Use integrated video conferencing to meet with vendors, clients and other stakeholders. Guide them around inside the 3D environment to help them visualize what the final built project will look like. It’s a way to provide both early presentation of concepts and project validation, all while interacting together in immersive 3D space.  


SuperViz now supports .ifc formatted files, easily exported from Sketchup and other 3D design tools. 


Ready to meet inside your BIM 3D model? Click here to try it out.