Announcing: SuperViz integration to Sketchfab

Our newest integration just launched! SuperViz is now available for Sketchfab users to meet and collaborate in real time with immersive video conferencing. Get the advantages of remote meetings combined with the sense of presence of being together face-to-face inside 3D models.

Host meetings in Sketchfab 3D models

  1. Create a free SuperViz account
  2. Paste your Sketchfab 3D model link into SuperViz
  3. Click the “Create new meeting” button for an instant shareable link

Once in the meeting, everyone can explore individually or the host can use tools to guide participants. Mouse positions are viewable so everyone can ensure they’re focused on the same discussion features.

SuperViz meetings are accessible from browsers on any device. No software or downloads are needed.

About Sketchfab

Sketchfab is the leading 3D viewer for publishing and finding 3D content on the web.

With Sketchfab users can manage 3D assets, distribute 3D and AR experiences, and collaborate with others. Easily showcase, buy, and sell 3D models.

The SuperViz Partner Program

With our API integration, companies can now offer real-time immersive meetings on top of their products.

Our experienced dev team creates streamlined processes that simplify integration so you and your clients can start meeting quickly. We offer full, personalized, accessible support.

Learn more at Partner Program | Superviz.

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