We improve global access to remote collaboration that brings people together with a sense of presence in digital spaces, no matter where everyone is physically located.

SuperViz isn’t about replacing in-person interaction, instead, we’re expanding the connection between the real world and virtual experiences.

Who We Work With

Our customers span a range of industries including building design, BIM remote collaboration, construction project management, real estate sales, property management, insurance, retail and other B2B and consumer metaverse applications.

Who we are

We’re a diverse team from corporate, creative, and startup backgrounds, spread geographically across multiple continents and time zones.

The SuperViz team redefines remote collaboration success on a daily basis. We meet on the same platform we serve our clients with.

Within hours we may be at a developer meeting inside an Italian villa, a marketing meeting on a south Pacific beach, and a partner meeting aboard a superyacht.

We’re able to build on each other’s energy and ideas across time and space to keep us working toward our shared mission.

Leadership Team​

Russ Rive


Liana Brasil


Tommy Lindestrøm


Video conferencing designed from the ground up for spatial content.

Our integrations enable real-time interaction inside remote locations and 3D projects. We provide capability for multi-person collaboration inside existing spatial content to increase engagement and improve the way work gets done.

Russ Rive

CEO, Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur with experience building enterprise SaaS companies. In 1998 Russ co-founded Everdream, one of the first enterprise SaaS companies, with his brother Lyndon Rive.

Everdream provided a platform for automating desktop management for large distributed enterprises. Everdream was acquired by Dell. After Everdream, Russ co-founded SuperUber (2004), a high-tech immersive experience design agency, with Liana Brazil.

SuperViz was born out of SuperUber’s needs for remote collaboration. Before Everdream Russ joined the startup team at Zip2 in 1996 and built server automation software as Zip2’s webmaster.

Russ has a background in electronics and software and holds 4 patents in the area of automating remote services through the interne

Liana Brazil


18+ years of experience leading creative teams and building immersive and interactive experiences. Before SuperViz, Liana co-founded SuperUber (2004) with Russ Rive, an immersive experience design agency working at the intersection of Architecture, Design, Art, and Technology.

SuperUber’s projects include Beyoncé’s performance in the United Nations HQ for World Humanity Day and the projections for the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics.

Liana is an architect with a master’s degree in interactive telecommunication from NYU.

Tommy Lindestrøm


Ambitious, experienced director with 15+ years of international leadership in digital product and web development. Tommy’s vast experience includes projects in Europe, USA and South America.

Tommy started his career as a full-stack developer working at the global IT consulting company Valtech A/S Denmark. During his time at Valtech, he worked with large-scale European clients like Ecco, Nordea, Lego and Novo Nordisk.

From 2008 to 2016, while living in Rio de Janeiro, Tommy served as Technology Director at SuperUber, a digital experience company with offices in Rio de Janeiro, New York and San Francisco

Tommy co-founded the Copenhagen based agency The Martians in 2016, a web development services company focused on consulting and development of digital solutions for Danish companies.

As VP of Engineering at SuperViz he is responsible for the development team and the overall technology direction and strategy.

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