Our mission is to improve and provide global access to remote collaboration and communication in an easy, secure, and scalable manner, enabling people to come together with a sense of presence in digital environments, regardless of their physical location.

Easy to use


Develop a technologically robust platform that supports effective, secure, and real-time communication.


Provide features that enable the integration of various communication tools, such as video conferencing, chat, document sharing, and team collaboration.

Easy to Use

Ensure the platform is user-friendly and accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise, featuring a friendly and intuitive interface.

Trusted Infrastructure

Prioritize data security and privacy, including encryption and measures to protect sensitive information.


Offer global support and technical assistance to ensure that our clients can effectively use the platform, regardless of their location.

Open innovation

We raise the open innovation flag! Why keep it our if we can collaborate for a better world.

Who We Work With

Designed for easy integration, our products elevates remote collaboration and communication. Our customers span a range of industries including Design Software, Project Management, Building Design, Construction Project Management, Real Estate Sales, Property Management, and other applications.

What our partners are saying

We have wide experience and we have heard great feedback from our users:

Who we are

Our team has a strong development background, developing video conference applications, real-time collaboration, and 3D web visualizations.

Russ rive
Founder & CTIO

A serial entrepreneur with experience building enterprise SaaS companies. In 1998 Russ co-founded Everdream, one of the first enterprise SaaS companies, with his brother Lyndon Rive.

Everdream provided a platform for automating desktop management for large distributed enterprises. Everdream was acquired by Dell in 2007. 

Russ co-founded SuperUber (2004), a high-tech immersive experience design agency, with Liana Brazil.

Russ founded SuperViz in 2019 to build technologies that bring people together virtually with a sense of presence.

Russ has a background in electronics and software and holds 4 patents in the area of automating remote services through the internet.

Tommy Lindestrøm


Experienced director with 15+ years of international leadership in digital product and web development. Tommy’s vast experience includes work in Europe, USA and South America.

Tommy started his career as a full-stack developer working at the global IT consulting company Valtech A/S Denmark.

From 2008 to 2016, Tommy served as Technology Director at SuperUber.

Tommy co-founded the Copenhagen based agency The Martians in 2016, a web development services company before joining SuperViz in 2020.

Let’s build it together?

Collaboration is our core business and as a startup we embrace open innovation.

This is why we believe we can serve as a great partner to provide a yet better collaboration experience to your users.

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