Who We Work With

Our customers span a range of industries including building design, BIM remote collaboration, construction project management, real estate sales, property management, insurance, retail and other B2B and consumer metaverse applications.

Who We Are

We’re a diverse team from corporate, creative, and startup backgrounds, spread geographically across multiple continents and time zones.

The SuperViz team redefines remote collaboration success on a daily basis. We meet on the same platform we serve our clients with.

Within hours we may be at a developer meeting inside an Italian villa, a marketing meeting on a south Pacific beach, and a partner meeting aboard a superyacht.

We’re able to build on each other’s energy and ideas across time and space to keep us working toward our shared mission.

Leadership Team

Russ Rive

CEO, Co-Founder

Liana Brazil

Chief Design Officer, Co-Founder

Tommy Lindestrøm

VP of Engineering

Video conferencing designed from the ground up for spatial content.

Our integrations enable real-time interaction inside remote locations and 3D projects. We provide capability for multi-person collaboration inside existing spatial content to increase engagement and improve the way work gets done.