We improve global access to remote collaboration that brings people together with a sense of presence in digital spaces, no matter where everyone is physically located.

SuperViz isn’t about replacing in-person interaction, instead, we’re expanding the connection between the real world and virtual experiences.

Who We Work With

Our customers span a range of industries including building design, BIM remote collaboration, construction project management, real estate sales, property management, insurance, retail and other B2B and consumer metaverse applications.

Who we are

We’re a diverse team from corporate, creative, and startup backgrounds, spread geographically across multiple continents and time zones.

The SuperViz team redefines remote collaboration success on a daily basis. We meet on the same platform we serve our clients with.

Within hours we may be at a developer meeting inside an Italian villa, a marketing meeting on a south Pacific beach, and a partner meeting aboard a superyacht.

We’re able to build on each other’s energy and ideas across time and space to keep us working toward our shared mission.

Video conferencing designed from the ground up for spatial content.

Our integrations enable real-time interaction inside remote locations and 3D projects. We provide capability for multi-person collaboration inside existing spatial content to increase engagement and improve the way work gets done.

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