Architectural presentations are an important part of every project. Updating clients on the progress of projects already under construction is also a concern. As collaborators and clients can be in different parts of the country, or even in different parts of the world, online presentations have become common. You have probably tried different video conferencing platforms when doing your presentations but have found them limiting in what you can present and what your audience can see. The difficulties with traditional video conference presentations include having crucial elements of your design only partially understood by clients as you try to present a 360º space using flat slides.

SuperViz is out to change that. With this easy to use 360º meeting platform, architects can be inside their projects, right next to their clients, in an immersive experience while they present their designs as if they were in the space together.

What is SuperViz?

SuperViz goes beyond the online video conferencing platform you may have used in the past. Although platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. allow users in multiple locations to participate simultaneously in remote presentations by sharing screens and webcams they are not good at presenting spatial designs. SuperViz is designed for collaborative meetings inside of 360º renders and images which makes it better than traditional video conferencing for spatial presentations. Your clients will actually be there with you inside a rendered image and have the ability to feel the space, look around, and understand how the design will work on a practical basis.

Here is how it works. You create a project in SuperViz and upload your 360º rendered scenes. Create a meeting link (or meeting code) and send it to the participants. Participants click the link and enter and then are able to see and hear one another as well as being able to look around the scenes. As the architect, you are able to control the pace and the flow of the presentation.

SuperViz removes the distances of time and space so that people can collaborate from anywhere in the world and make quicker work of their projects.

Available on Any Device

SuperViz is browser-based and so there is no software to download and install. Simply send the meeting link to the participants and enter. It is designed to run on any device: smartphones, tablets, chrome books, desktops, and can even be viewed with a VR headset for a feeling of full immersion.

If you are presenting to a client who is with you in the same room, you can have the client use a smartphone (or high-end) VR headset while you guide them through the presentation from your own device.

SuperViz is cross-platform and runs on any device.

Using 360 Degree Images and Floor Plans

Using 360º photos and renders of various types along with floor plans is what makes SuperViz so powerful. You can create a project with scenes of panorama photos, 360º photos, 360º renders, or Google Street Views and place them onto maps and floor plans. These are the elements that allow you and your clients to walk around together inside your design and examine it.

Organizing scenes onto floor plans is easy with drag and drop

Additional Features

SuperViz offers you a number of different tools that allow you to make your presentation even more productive. You can add hotspots with overlays on top of your scenes. These hotspots can be audio recordings, text notes, images, links to other 360º scenes, or links to documents and websites.

When you are presenting inside a meeting you can use features like laser pointers, a drawing tool, and voice conferencing. You can also edit your project and add notes during a meeting based on live feedback

Construction Documentation

Once the project moves to execution and is under construction, SuperViz gives you an easy way to update clients on the progress. You can take anyone on a tour inside the construction site no matter where they are. Remote virtual construction sites is a great time saver for the architect and client to keep up to date on the execution.

Free to try

SuperViz is free to try. Create an account at