Whether you’re a seasoned real estate educator who’s a pro with online training and development, or you’re scrambling to develop new virtual training for your team in response to COVID, we’ve got ideas to help. 

With many employees continuing to work remotely, it’s time to take e-learning programs up a notch. From slide decks and basic videos to interactive platforms and virtual reality, there are lots of options available to create online corporate training programs. But how do you make sure things like soft skills and organizational culture successfully come across in your team training? 

An Innovative Training Solution 

SuperViz is a 360° video conferencing and immersive presentation platform that’s ideal for real estate sales training. Straightforward and easy to use, it works from your phone, tablet, or computer without requiring special equipment or downloads. You can conference live with course participants and interact in the same virtual space. SuperViz’s virtual training features include:

  • Real-time Video Conferencing: Teach, answer questions, and direct trainees to practice, the same way you would if you were all in the same space.
  • Laser Pointers and Drawing Tools: Avoid confusion during training by being able to point out specifics as you work through lessons together.
  • Clickable Hotspots: Embed as much supplementary information and didactic multimedia as you need throughout the virtual space.
  • Integrated Google Street View: Train agents on neighborhood highlights by taking a virtual walk together.
  • Move Through Floor Plans and 3D Renderings: Add scenes to floor plans and show team members how to lead clients through the space, even if it’s still being built.

Here are three ways SuperViz can help improve your virtual real estate training right away:

1. SuperViz Increases Trainee Engagement

A big challenge of any virtual corporate training is a lack of trainee interaction and engagement. Watching videos and checking off boxes while viewing slide decks is boring for learners. Keeping trainees motivated when there’s a lot of material to cover and holding participants’ attention without any interaction from others is challenging. Add in the fact that learning the real estate sales process is difficult without an instructor available to answer questions, and you risk losing participants who feel bogged down. You want to be able to talk to, support, and personally engage with struggling team members.

SuperViz helps overcome engagement and motivation issues by using video conferencing inside a 360° immersive experience. The unique platform allows the instructor, trainees, and their virtual avatars to interact as though everyone’s physically in the same space. Being able to monitor and assess participants’ understanding and address questions on the spot keeps training on track.

2. SuperViz Lets Trainees Hone Their Sales Skills Together

Real estate sales teams need high-level communication skills to close deals. These skills take coaching and frequent practice to master. If an instructor can’t interact directly with team members, it’s a challenge to build up to the necessary confidence level, especially with a team that’s working remotely.

Being able to video conference directly within SuperViz allows participants to practice skills while meeting together in the virtual space. You can train team members on how to lease units or sell properties while discussing features and viewing the same space together. Participants can practice and be coached on techniques for nurturing leads and building their relationships with prospects.

Learning to work through each level of the sales funnel and develop methods for personalizing scripts are other skills that benefit from the direct interaction of 360° video conferencing. Team members can rehearse techniques for overcoming objections and build their sales presentation skills with confidence.

3. SuperViz “Teleports” Trainees Into Actual Locations

The old saying that real estate is all about “location, location, location” is still true even in this virtual age. Understanding every nuance of a property and its location—including its hidden gems and main selling points—is essential to closing sales. 

With SuperViz, you can improve your sales team’s understanding of property specifics by setting up your virtual training space using 360° photos of actual listings. This provides a way to train agents on specifics such as property stats, features, amenities, and floor plans. The drag-and-drop tool in SuperViz allows trainers to easily embed videos, documents, additional views, and other links directly into the virtual space for trainees to access as needed.

Participants can learn how to craft virtual walkthroughs using specific listings, and receive coaching on how to vary marketing techniques for different properties and target segments. Practicing dialogue while virtually being in the space together can better prepare team members for real life sales interactions with their clients. You can even add training on how to sell for specific neighborhoods. The integrated Google Street view feature in SuperViz allows you to take a walk through the neighborhood together.

Ready to Learn More?

SuperViz is a straightforward tech solution to improve training and development for your real estate sales teams. Want to see SuperViz in action and try it for yourself? 

Visit www.superviz.com to get started now.